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Corey Feldman will re-release his documentary

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Corey Feldman held a live session on Twitter on March 27, 2020. he updated his followers on the series of events that have taken place since he launched his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.

The movie was due to release on March 9, 2020. This is ten years after the death of Corey Haim, who is also the subject of the movie.

Feldman also planned a live screening of the movie for fans and followers who bought a twenty dollar ticket for the movie. This live screening was planned to coincide with the premiere that was to take place at the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

Rosanna Arquette, Dave Navarro, Jamie Kennedy, and Chris Kattan are few of the many celebrities who were to attend.

So why didn’t the movie play?

An unfortunate turn of events took place just before the movie played. And the movie did not play! Yes, it simply did not play. And Corey Feldman’s website crashed. This brought a lot of disappointment among people.

And by March 10, 2020, Feldman was again getting accusations about scamming people, taking their money and not showing the movie. Even talk show host, Wendy Williams, left a few confused remarks about this turn of events.

Corey’s statement about this

Feldman took to his Twitter account and explained to his followers that he was not scamming them. And he didn’t take their money without delivering the movie. He explained his team had investigated the errors. And found out that the website had suffered a DDoS attack. This happens when a website is prevented from operating. But simply put, it was hacked.

Corey Feldman’s come back

The eighties star made the movie available on-demand 24/7. He ensured that everyone who wants to see it gets to see it. However, some still complained they could not watch it. And so, he announced that he is re-releasing it in April.

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