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Rihanna tells fans to ‘shut up’ while she saves the world

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The coronavirus lockdown has left millions of people empty-handed. Most governments cannot handle this sort of prolonged situation and thousands could die. Meanwhile, some ‘privileged’ fans are only worried about Rihanna’s next album. However, the star had enough with the chatter and even roasted President Trump while doing so.


Rihanna out to ‘save the world’:

Today, Rihanna went on Instagram Live to make a wonderful announcement. She was teaming up with Twitter CEO to donate more than $4 million for domestic violence victims. However, fans chose to fuss over Rihanna’s new album instead. And the queen was quick to shut them up:

If one of y’all motherf***ers ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight!

Rihanna has not released a studio album for 4 years. Moreover, she has been teasing her next album for a year without any confirmed release date. Nevertheless, some fans agree it was shameful to talk about her album while she addressed domestic violence victims. The 32-year-old singer’s Clara Lionel Foundation will donate the money to Mayor’s fund. Rihanna made the move after a report revealed about 100 people are turned away weekly from 5violence shelters. The donation will cover food, housing, and counseling for the victims for almost 3 months. Moreover, the dig at Trump is no surprise considering Rihanna’s track record.

Are celebrities doing enough?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the middle class to ask important questions. Everything is well and good in peaceful times, but human nature is only revealed in crises. Fans roasted Gal Gadot and her ‘gang’ on the Imagine video. It’s going to take a lot more than good wishes and Tik Toks to help people. A good example is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who Rihanna teamed up with. The billionaire donated a BILLION dollars – 28% of his wealth to help coronavirus victims. Meanwhile, the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos donated $100 million, about 0.0008% of his net worth. People are realizing that not many artists are like Rihanna. Most will stay holed up in their mansions and ride out the storm.

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