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Elon Musk Smokes Weed and Talks About Everything

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Elon Musk surprised everyone by appearing on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast for Thursday night. And not only did he talk about almost everything from electric planes to artificial intelligence. But to top it off, the Tesla founder even smoked a joint and sipped some whiskey.

Elon Musk’s Interview

The interview started with the comedian asking Elon Musk about the origin of his fire-spewing device. He revealed that they did not put a lot of time into the flamethrower. And in fact, their merchandise section often has one piece at a time. Afterwards, Elon Musk opened up about his obsession with the movie Spaceballs. In the movie, Yogurt goes through the merchandising section and finds a flamethrower. And with that, he got the idea of doing a flamethrower. Elon Musk even added that it was a terrible idea and even when he said that people should not buy the flamethrower, they still did.

Elon Musk was seen smoking weed on the sets. And he shared that he was receiving text messages from friends inquiring why he was seen smoking weed. He explained that he was a casual marijuana smoker. And that’s because he does not think it’s very good for productivity. In fact, he referred to it as a cup of coffee in reverse. When Rogan asked if Musk had ever smoked a mixture of weed and tobacco, the Tesla founder said that he had tried it once. And resorted to confirming if it was legal. The interview was recorded in Los Angeles where the state law has made marijuana legal. And that would explain why Elon Musk was smoking weed on it.

Elon Musk also shared his plans of designing an electric plane. He said that the trick was to transition to level fight. And the thing used for vertical takeoff and landing was unsuitable for high speed flight. He later shared the technical details of how energies would be conserved and consumed to make it run without fuel reserves.

It seems like it was a pretty interesting interview. And people just can’t control the mocking memes on Elon Musk smoking weed.

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