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James Woods Slams Alyssa Milano’s Anti-Gun Tweet

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Alyssa Milano has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for her political views. But this time, she’s directly confronting conservatives. Recently, she tweeted about the recent jump in gun sales. So in response, James Woods slammed her with apocalypse hysteria.

Alyssa Milano takes a go at gun enthusiasts

In the month of March, America bought 2 million guns, which were twice as much as last year. This was because of a recent surge in gun sales because people feared lootings would start. Therefore, Milano decided to have her say on the matter, attacking conservatives.

However, that did not sit well with conservative actor James Woods. He immediately called out Milano, saying that it’s better to be prepared before the looting starts. This was over a general fear that soon mass lootings will begin like they do in the movies.

Now, James Woods’ political leanings are no secret. He is a conservative voter and has spoken in the past how his political opinions have cost him money. However, in this particular scenario, he doesn’t make much sense.

Why James Woods’ fears are unfounded

Now, we’ve all seen science fiction movies. Many of us are familiar with how epidemic outbreaks can cause panic everywhere. But, this is real life, not a movie.

Yes, things might look bleak because toilet paper racks are empty and businesses are closing down. But, basic government services are still functioning. The government is in its place and law and order is still in check. Basically, all the horrors of panic are a sub-plot of science fiction films. They only further the plot and play no other role than that. Therefore, James Woods and his fellow conservative voters don’t have to worry about much.

Gun enthusiasts like James Woods are constantly being told by celebrities to chill out. Taika Waititi recently had a go at them, and so did an Italian Mayor. The mayor screamed at citizens to not think of themselves as Will Smith in I Am Legend. At this point, it’s ridiculous how common this love for guns is right now, in the middle of a pandemic.

However, there was a bit of hypocrisy to be spotted in Milano’s camp.

Alyssa Milano believes in the 2nd amendment herself

Even though James Woods slammed her, Milano is no stranger to guns herself. She admitted to having two guns in her own home last year on Twitter.


Therefore, this weakens her criticism of America right now. Mass shootings have been a big problem in the United States for decades now. And the NRA heavily lobbies in favor of the 2nd amendment. And because of that and gun culture of the United States, it’s difficult to stop people from buying guns in this time of panic. Unless strict anti-gun laws are in place, this will be a norm in the United States.

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