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15 Times TV And Movies Actually Predicted The Future

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Often times we see something strange but we ignore it and move on with our lives. Only for it to happen IRL in the future and spook us out of our writs. Well, here is a list of 15 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.

1. 30 Rock Predicts The Future

In an episode of the hit TV series, 30 Rock, a conversation takes a turn into accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault nonchalantly. This episode aired 5 years before the allegations surfaced in public and he was taken to court. Maybe the cast had insider knowledge?

2. Parks and Recreation

Season 7 of the show followed Tom’s ex-girlfriend mentioning the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series of 2016. The episode aired in 2015 and sure enough, the Chicago Cubs actually won the World Series of 2016, after a drought of 108 years. What are the odds?

3. The Simpsons

In an episode aired in 2000, Bart travels into the future to find that his sister, Lisa, has become the president. She then refers to her forerunner as “President Trump”. (Not the first time The Simpsons has had a spooky prediction regarding Donald Trump).

4. Demolition Man

The 1993 film showed a scene where the main protagonist John Spartan is sent to prison and an inmate by the name of Scott Peterson is shown on an inmate list. Sure enough, 9 years later a person by the name of Scott Peterson killed his wife and unborn child – in 2002.

5. Scrubs

A 2007 episode of the show featured the janitor saying that the US should look for Osama Bin Laden, the notorious terrorist, in Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan in 2011 – four years later.

6. The Lone Gunmen

In the pilot episode, computer hackers take control of a passenger airplane and fly it into the World Trade Center. The episode aired in March 2011 – six months before the 9/11 attacks… and you thought The Simpsons was weird.

7. Merrie Melodies – Did It See The Future?

Did you really think there’d only be one 9/11 reference? In the 1949 cartoon’s episode, a dog was freaking out about living in ‘the city’ and yelling out its fears about it, saying “The towers are falling!”.

8. Lost

The main protagonist lives isolated inside a bunker, unable to venture outside. This resembles the current situation of all those around the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

9. Akira

In the 1988 film, the 2020 Olympics were shown to be held in Tokyo. In a scene showing a board of the Olympics, there was white graffiti underneath it saying “Just cancel it”. The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 stand postponed until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

10. Tangled

Rapunzel lived in a tower far away from a kingdom called Corona in the 2010 movie. Tell me you don’t find that suspicious.

11. Supernatural

A 2009 episode of the popular show featured Dean going into the future only to find that the ‘Croatan Virus’ was wreaking havoc in the world and people were hoarding toilet paper. Ringing any bells yet?

12. Contagion – From The Future?

You’ve probably come across this reference by now multiple times, but in case you haven’t let me fill you in. The 2011 movie shows a world that is battling a deadly virus that attacks the respiratory system, whose epicenter was China and originated from a bat. The Coronavirus outbreak is also said to have been caused by a bat.

13. Fahrenheit

The 1953 book describes a character as having ‘mini radios’ in her ears. We think it sounds too much like wireless earphones to just be an uncanny coincidence. Maybe the author Ray Bradbury was ahead of his time.

14. Pandemic

An LA-based doctor-turned-filmmaker studies the history of fatal viral illnesses and possible preventative measures in case such an outbreak ever does occur. The docuseries was released on the 22nd of January, 2020 – just short of two months before the Coronavirus was declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization. Lucky timing?

15. Star Trek: The Next Generation

The characters use handheld devices called PADDs (Personal Access Display Devices) and they look too much like the tablets we have now. For reference, this was aired in the 1980s and the iPad didn’t come around until 30 years later. Another example of a technological advancement being a byproduct of fictitious wonderment?

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