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Joe Exotic’s Alligators that died in Tiger King belonged to Michael Jackson

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Tiger King was a documentary series if you combined utter craziness with a bunch of tigers and some really suspicious characters. From Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin to Doc Antle, you will be shocked to hear each story. However, a lot of new interesting things are coming to light after the documentary release. Apparently, the gay polyamorous Joe Exotic isn’t as open-minded as you’d think. He’s actually pretty racist! And remember the alligators that burned in the studio which had all the reality show footage? Well, those alligators actually belonged to, none other than, Michael Jackson!

John Finlay shares that alligators belonged to Michael Jackson

Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay went on to David Spade’s Lights Out show and revealed some interesting things. He shared with the world that Michael Jackson owned the alligators that died in the studio fire:

One of the previous managers had got us Michael Jackson’s alligators from Neverland Ranch. We’ve got some other ones from friends and stuff.

John Finlay also shares that he took care of Michael Jackson’s alligators the most:

You’ve got to be very cautious. You have a lot more to worry about that say with a tiger or a bear.

The Tiger King documentary on Netflix showed how the studio fire was devastating for everyone. Apparently, the animals burned in immense heat and fire. Moreover, there’s also an old 2015 article that quotes Joe as saying that Michael Jackson’s animals in the zoo cannot be replaced now.

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Rick Kirkham didn’t burn the studio himself

The tragic story of Rick Kirkham came to light when we got to know that all of the footage he shot for the reality series on Joe Exotic had been burned up. There is plenty of evidence within the Netflix documentary that points the finger at Joe himself. Apparently, he could not handle the fact that Rick owned the reality series footage as well as the online show Joe was hosting. So, it’s quite plausible that he burned the studio himself, including Michael Jackson’s alligators and spun it in a way to blame Carole Baskin.

Now, Joe is serving a prison sentence for planning a murder-for-hire plot. He is in quarantine due to fears of COVID-19. Meanwhile, there’s going to be a new episode of Tiger King coming out in which Carole Baskin will not be taking part.

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