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Will Patrick Melrose Shine At The Emmys?

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Showtime’s fight against inner demons, the five-part miniseries Patrick Melrose is our horse to bet on in Emmy’s race.  The dark comedy drama, featuring five times Emmy nominee Benedict Cumberbatch as its lead face, has managed to impress critics for its deeply infuriating but hilarious narrative.

Edward St Aubyn’s five semi autobiographical novels laid the foundation for this adapted miniseries. In the novels, Aubyn had penned down the challenges of his miserable life growing up in a dysfunctional British family, while paying specific attention to his inner struggle against alcoholism. Producers Rachael Horvitz and Michael Jackson have certainly effectively tailored Aubyn’s work into a show that ranges over like circumstances of fictitious Melrose’s life. Foraying into the harsh realities of an upper-class life requires paramount audacity. Furthermore, it is difficult to script abuse in a storyline while maintaining a satire. Cumberbatch inclusion in the show; however, guaranteed both.

Patrick Melrose currently holds 5 Primetime Emmy nominations. Three are creative awards for casting, direction, and writing. While the two other awards will be awarded for the overall appeal of the show, and for the performance of its lead star: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Brilliant Plot line

Every hour of the series holds a distinctive essence. The pace, tone, and theme for every part are set to compliment a different state of mind of Melrose. The series frequently switches between the past and the present with each scene delivering excerpts of the problems front and center in modern society.

The worst symptom of addiction is probably more addiction. To tone down the effect of one narcotic, there is the consumption of more drugs. The tale of Melrose’s addiction repeatedly delivers this central message. Melrose maintains a charming exterior throughout the course of the show. His body has faded into oblivion, and his mind is in the greatest state of entropy, yet Melrose is gentlemanly. This is something too English to grasp, but still holds the greatest decree of authenticity.

Benedict Cumberbatch did it Again

Cumberbatch is an absolute virtuoso. His portrayal as Patrick is an entirely different creature of sorrow. The sardonic aura that veils Cumberbatch throughout the 5 hours certainly sets him apart from Sherlock Holmes. Abhorrent, revolting, and torn on the inside one thing that Melrose cannot do is compromise on his wit; a weapon he uses to guard himself from the glares of evil that surround him. It’s to escape the deadly hollows of his own existence.

Patrick Melrose is by far not the easiest viewing experience. Not everyone will get everything out of the show. As smartly knitted as the several hues in the plot are, a lot of decryption is not possible in the first hour. The ghastly presence of Melrose’s nightmarish father and melancholic mother creates its own enigma. As Melrose transitions between the several layers of his reality, there are serene resolutions to the woozy conflicts. Via these, viewers realize the hope that had filled the show from its very inception

We’re in awe

Cumberbatch’s miracle man Patrick Melrose died a different death every day, every time. But his willpower proved fruitful in evolving him over his imperfections. In the most Cumberbatch style, the show was more optimistic than what we had largely assumed it to be.

When his life is waterlogged in intoxication, real or figurative (wealth and status are the most perilous of poisons), the insignia are brighter and the world is a splendor. Even faint hallways glow with the loveliest pink. Sobriety, meanwhile, appears fuzzier and drained of color, telegraphing the sentiment that ugliness is part of the price of living in a state of clarity and truth.

The story is priceless, and Cumberbatch is extraordinary in every scene. It is difficult to say as how many accolades will this series warrant, but safe to put that it will surely win some!

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