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The 8th American Horror Story Is a Post Apoclyptic Giligan’s Island

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Probably the best part about American Horror Story is that it never disappoints. With every new season the show revamps itself. Certainly, season 8 will be no different.  FX recently released the new trailer for its signature horror anthology series. Folks, it’s crazier than ever!

Following weeks of bewildering teasers showcasing sinister and cardinal demon babies, spine-chilling gas masks and uncanny mushroom clouds, show creator  Ryan Murphy finally decided to throw some footage at the fans. Unlike last season’s subtitle ‘Cult’ which offered symbolism to people who voted for Trump and to homicidal circus clowns, there is no other meaning to the word ‘apocalypse’. It in its broadest sense, has the world ending.

An eerie narration: ‘no need for rules here’ opens the clip before ‘chaos has won’ defines the plot.  The unsettling calmness is soon breached with crashing planes, gunshots, grief-stricken people, and hysterical atmospheres. The good times are gone. And a full-on-post-apocalyptic-scenario is now the reality.

In the trailer, we see series regular Sarah Paulson in her new role. She welcomes the wrecked survivors to Outpost 3, which appears to offer a safe refuge from the threatening radiation. However, much to the survivors’ dismay, it is a torture cell. Residents may never leave the house or indulge in anything the matron disapproves off. With snakes, self driving planes, cannibals, and lunatic Satan worshippers on the loose, AHS Apocalypse will certainly be a visual treat for horror fanatics.

Now that we have the witches of Coven back, we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. The return of both Jessica Lange‘s Constance Langdon and Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery is indeed startling. As Madison herself says: ‘Surprise bitch’, and “I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” True, the last image we have of Madison is when she’s strangled to death by Kyle Spencer (played by Evan Peters). Peters is back too but as a corpse of Andy Warhol revived by witchcraft, not as the Kyle we knew.

Cast of Season 8

The trailer exhibits all the cast members we will see in American Horror Story. These are American Horror Story’s very own veterans Leslie Grossman, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Emma Roberts. Not to forget Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, Taissa Farmiga, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson. Audience is thrilled with the teaser, and specially after realizing that Sarah will play not just one, or two, but three characters in the upcoming season. The trailer does us another favor. Instead of keeping their looks in store, it generates us a view of American Horror Story’s newcomers Joan Collins and Cody Fern.

Coven’s witches are not the only crossover season 8 will see; there is also the BDSM fetish coverall Rubber Man. Now we lack cue as how would this is incorporated into the storyline, but it will be a very entertaining feature to watch. It’s something that will give us chills and make our hair stand.

The trailer also depicts Kathy Bates, the Stephen King’s Misery star, who is now pro-Satan. ‘Hail Satan’ she surprises us, in the creepiest fashion possible.

Just like every other American Horror Story trailer on the block though, this one doesn’t tell us much about what the story actually is either. We just have to enjoy the sneak peaks until the show is finally released.

The American Horror Story: Apocalypse returns to The FX Wednesday, 12th September.

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