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UFC 249 Indefinitely Postponed, No Fights on an Island, Joe Rogan Reacts

The higher-ups at ESPN have postponed all UFC fights amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The higher-ups at Disney and ESPN have indefinitely postponed all UFC 249 events because of Coronavirus. Dana White’s proposal of conducting the fights on a private island is also not happening. Joe Rogan reacts to the breaking news.

Joe Rogan on UFC 249 Events Cancellation

Those familiar with UFC President Dana White, know very well that the man makes things happen and he wanted to do that in these testing times too. He even proposed the idea of a Fight Island but according to ESPN officials, that is not feasible either during the Coronavirus chaos.

JRE Podcast’s Joe Rogan has mixed feelings on the breaking news and said that he was almost ready to cover the event. He was sounded quite surprised and shocked.

Wow! That’s interesting. That’s interesting. Well, that saves me a lot of f****ng because I was 75 percent ready to go.

Joe has been covering the UFC fights and he was ready to offer services as a commentator this yeat too. He said that his only worry was contracting SARS-Cov-2 and then coming in contact with other people after the event was over.

The only thing that worried me is that if I contracted something and then I came in contact with others. I was thinking of getting myself tested for COVID-19 and then know the results before coming back home but even then I wouldn’t really know. These tests are a little dicey and no so accurate.

Joe Rogan also shared his thoughts on Dana White’s idea of conducting these UFC 249 fights on a private Island. He thinks it could be a possibility if everyone on the Fight Island could be tested for symptoms of Coronavirus. He jokingly added that this would be more fun to watch than Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. Netflix’s Tiger King was the highest watched content on the platform.

If it’s a small island and if you could control everything, they could test everyone. Think about a reality tv show about taking UFC to an island because I’m watching that sh*t. F*@k Tiger King.

Let’s just hope we get through this crisis asap and see the fighters in action. Dankanator will keep you updated.


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