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Did Bernie Sanders Really Fail? Noam Chomsky And Alyssa Milano Disagree

He might not have won, but did he fail?

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Bernie Sanders announced that he has suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination. It was like a stab right in the heart for his supporters who thought that he failed. But, few things in life are as black and white as success or failure. So, did his campaign fail? Noam Chomsky and Alyssa Milano beg to differ.

Chomsky claims Bernie’s campaign was a success

The common perception is that Bernie’s campaign was a failure. However, in politics, nothing is as simple as failure or success. And the world’s most famous intellectual, Noam Chomsky, labeled this campaign as a massive success. He told Democracy Now:

It’s common to say now that the Sanders campaign failed. I think that’s a mistake. I think it was an extraordinary success, completely shifted the arena of debate and discussion. Issues that were unthinkable a couple years ago are now right in the middle of attention.

Did Bernie Sanders Really Fail Chomsky And Milano Disagree
Noam Chomsky | Flickr

Moreover, Chomsky further says that his biggest achievement was inspiring mass popular movements. these include Black Lives Matter, Occupy and others. These movements existed long before Bernie Sanders ran for the White House, but he turned them into “constant activism”.

Furthermore, Medicare for all and free college education was considered “too radical” for the United States. Even though these policies are very common in Socialist Europe, and even Mexico, they were “too left” for the US. But, Bernie’s efforts have brought these policies into the national discussion. People are willing to accept that “we should rise to the level of the rest of the world”. That is something radical to accept for people that have always considered themselves above the rest of the world. But, here we are.

Alyssa Milano commends his campaign’s success

Other than Chomsky, Hollywood star Alyssa Milano also praised Bernie in a similar way. She also said how his efforts will be a part of social activism in the United States for a long time to come. Moreover, it will finally “inspire policy that will make the world a better place”. You can check her tweet here.

Therefore, in Chomsky and Milano’s eyes, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a massive success. Even though he lost the race for the Presidential elections, his movement has inspired millions. And that will result in those policies being adopted by Joe Biden if he is able to beat Donald Trump. Therefore, it’s time to back the Democratic Party for the real fight – Donald Trump and the GOP.

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