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Hollywood Reacts To Bernie Sanders Dropping Out

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We all know how celebrities are often active in politics. After all, they are human beings with genuine political opinions. Therefore, when Bernie Sanders announced he’s dropping out, it wasn’t surprising to see celebrities react to it. So, let’s take a look at Hollywood’s reaction to the news.

Hollywood lines up to commend Bernie for his efforts

Of all the celebrities in Hollywood that support Bernie, Mark Ruffalo is arguably his most loyal one. And of course, he was heartbroken upon hearing the news of Bernie dropping out. In his message, he said that Bernie was an inspirational leader who changed the Democratic party. Moreover, he mentioned how the focus should now be on Donald Trump and the GOP. He tweeted:

Moreover, Sara Silverman also reacted to the news. Over the years, she has almost become a social activist. Hence, she was one of those celebrities that also reacted with a lot of sadness towards the news. She said:


Other than these, another celebrity reacted with almost complete despair. She’s none other than Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. She tweeted about how “hopeless and devastated and powerless” she feels:

Now, these are the Hollywood celebrities that were already confessed to Bernie supporters. However, there were some Joe Biden fans too who praised Bernie on dropping out as well.

Even Joe Biden endorsers praised him too

In the past week, Alyssa Milano has been vocally speaking against Bernie. She made sure everyone knew that she was firmly in Joe Biden’s camp, even after he was accused of sexual assault. However, when news broke out that Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign, she changed her tone. She joined the list of Hollywood celebrities who reacted to the news by commending Bernie. She tweeted:

However, many people replied underneath her tweet about the past week. They reminded her how she continuously smeared Bernie. Moreover, she should now focus on pushing Biden to adopt Bernie’s progressive agenda:


Similarly, another Hollywood celebrity to react to the news was Mia Farrow. She also made sure the world knew how she felt on Bernie dropping out from the race to the White House. Even though she endorsed Joe Biden a while back, she showed respect for Bernie’s struggle. As expected, she poured her message with gratitude for him:

It’s clear now who the two candidates are from the Democratic party and the GOP. The final showdown is set for November between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. But, Hollywood’s reaction to Bernie dropping out shows how that showdown will be impacted. People have adopted many of Bernie’s progressive ideologies. And that will go a long way in impacting the policies of the two candidates.

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