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Madam Secretary: What Lies in Store for the Show With Hillary Clinton’s Guest Appearance

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CBS’ ‘Madam Secretary’ has often been critically applauded for the ingeniously tailored plot, strong performances, and relevance to the carny American politics.  The show founded upon the idea of increasing participation of women in political office. It shows the struggles of being a female secretary of state. With its 5th installment in the pipeline, the show has already managed to create quite a hype. Especially with speculations of big names guest appearing in the show. It now has Hillary Clinton coming in.

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What we know so far

To add to the authenticity of the plot, it appears that the show is taking inspiration from real life. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is all set to guest star in the show. Joining the show along with her will be two other former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, and this development has been confirmed by Albright herself in a recent tweet.

This is not the first time that big names are gracing the brand; in fact, Madeleine Albright has starred in the show before. In the past, renowned journalists Jane Pauley and Bob Schieffer, and producer Morgan Freeman have also featured on the show. These cameos breathe originality into the show, complementing its congruity to contemporary times.

Fits the theme of the show

The idea of starring three dignitaries, in a single episode, is to depict the proficiency of their lead star Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) as a capable Secretary of State. It is a traditional practice among current officeholders to call upon their predecessors to seek advice. This will also be the case for our fictional Secretary who will refer to the experience of ex-office holders.

Hillary, along with the other Secretaries will offer a piece of advice to Bess McCord. This will be crucial for the resolution of a conflict in the storyline. The recent candidate for the presidency has faced several challenges in life. From being the wife to the US President to being a Secretary under a president of color, Clinton certainly has a lot to offer in terms of political insight and diplomatic wit. Her recent electoral campaign has been subject to such fierce office battles that can only be vaguely depicted in a 40-minute episode, but her cameo will surely enhance the conceptual standard of the show.

The episode, which is due to air on October 7th, 2018; has been scripted by Barbara Hill. Hill has been credited for all writing the season openings for the show. Barabara was particularly keen on introducing the track of traditional consultation in her episode.

Hillary Clinton appearance

Entertainment Weekly shares that Clinton was originally looking forward to playing a spy on the show. Lori McCreary suggested Hilary the idea of appearing on the show as herself. Hillary liked that idea more.

While the appearance will be short-lived, it can only be hoped that the wisdom sought stays long on the show. Fans and Hilary’s supporters from her election days are surely thrilled for the season premiere, and we also cannot wait to see what twists and turns lay ahead in the show with Clinton’s TV debut.

Madam Secretary returns Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. ET to CBS.

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