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Hilaria Baldwin is four months pregnant after miscarriage

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Hilaria Baldwin, the famous yoga artist is enjoying the time of her life. But life wasn’t always like this for her. A few months ago, she was very depressed when she announced that she had a miscarriage. She was saddened with the incident but now she is more than happy to be blessed with the news of her pregnancy.

Well, I guess it’s really true “after every dawn there’s sunshine.”

The Good news

Hilaria Baldwin is four months pregnant. The fitness specialist disclosed on Monday that she
and her love of about 8-years are expecting their fifth child. She shared the cheerful news on
Instagram by posting a video with the baby’s heartbeat playing.

“l’ll let the infant do the talking since I don’t have the words to communicate how this sound causes us to feel”

The 36-year-old subtitled the concise clip:

“Just got the incredible news that everything is great and everything is solid with this little munchkin. I needed to inform this to you.”

She also said that they had been planning to share the news with everyone for some time. But since the break of coronavirus, they felt it wasn’t the right time to break this news. Also, they have been so involved with so many projects recently, hence, the announcement came slightly late.

Hilaria Baldwin affirmed that this is something she and Alec Baldwin want. And that they are looking forward to the new phase of their lives. She explained:

“We both are not people who would have expected to have so many kids,” she said. If we didn’t think we were doing well as parents or couldn’t afford to have these kids, we wouldn’t have them. We are very conscious of our family without overwhelming the system. There can definitely be overwhelming times, but at the same time, going through something like now and realizing we have built-in play dates all the time.”

She ended her post on a positive note and said the couple is very happy with this new development.

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