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Sharon Osbourne Says Simon Cowell Hates Overweight People

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Celebrities are always in the limelight. And when Sharon Osbourne talks about Simon Cowell, it becomes headlines for many news outlets worldwide. In the show, “Honest AF show podcast”, Sharon accused Simon Cowell of hating overweight people.

Sharon’s claim elaborated

To prove her point she said:

“this is the reason why he didn’t like Jenifer Hudson and didn’t let her win the American idol but it’s the truth. He’s very dated (in his views)”.

The statement didn’t come as a surprise for people who have known Sharon for years. But instead, they have been calling her the ‘shock jock’.

According to the Talent Recap, people are calling it a rivalry tactic to bring down Simon’s popularity. Simon Cowell’s fans think he’s been doing a fantastic job and has been a
great judge. According to them, there hasn’t been a moment where they have doubted his judgment.

But Sharon still remains under the same impression and that impression seems to get more and more reinforced.

Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne:

Sharon Osbourne’s words might have sparked ideas in peoples’ minds about their rocky relationship. The two hosts have worked together for quite some time in the past shows of the X-factor. And have been known for their love/hate relationship. She also blames Cowell for sacking her from the show X factor because she was too old.

A few months back when Sharon Osbourne appeared on Good Morning Britain, she spoke of her relationship with Simon. She told people she hasn’t spoken to him for years and took a last poke at Cowell’s new slim figure and appearance before the interview ended.

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