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John Oliver’s Take on the Sexual Harassment

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Days after CBS Chief, Les Moonves, was accused not by one but by six independent women over charges of sexual harassment at workplace, and deliberate infringement and sabotage of their careers; renown comedian and talk show host John Oliver took on sexual harassment in the workplace and the #MeToo movement in his show ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ on HBO.

“Workplace harassment is something important to discuss, and it’s been in the headlines again this week with the New Yorker exposé about CBS’ Les Moonves coming hot on the heels of similar investigations into everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Charlie Rose to SpongeBob, who five different employees accused of being unable to keep his sponge **** in his Square Pants,” Oliver joked.

Treating Accusations Seriously

Oliver insisted that a victim of tragedy must not be immediately questioned, for instance. It is subjective to automatically suppose that the owner set the house on fire himself for insurance. Harassment is much different crime, and requires a much different response. Harassment claims tend to be accusations against someone else’s behavior, not a tragedy without perpetrator. These accusations should be treated seriously and investigated thoroughly. There should be widespread awareness that such situations are only infrequently weaponized, driven by spite and malice. A vindictive, traumatizing conduct is much more harmful than simply a false allegation, and if not reported promptly it can plague its way through at a highly alarming speed.

Enlightening Interview with Anita Hill

John wasn’t alone when he addressed woman issues. He made sure that when he talked about women, women were actually there to certify his views. He was joined by Anita Hill, a teacher of color who had in 1991 accused Judge Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment.

Hill is the woman testified before a committee of world class misogynists for straight 8 hours. Accusing Judge Clarence Thomas for workplace sexual harassment, Anita Hill laid the foundation for women to stand up for themselves. She made it clear that at this point of time mistreatment of women will not be tolerated. And that the offender will have to bear the repercussions of his actions. Her belief in the justice system was greatly misplaced when the all-men committee hurled back accusations at her. They dismissed her allegations entirely.

Hill in her interview, with Oliver, expressed seething contempt at certain moments of the hearing; at a point during the trial she was posed by a question which left her startled. The Judiciary asked her of what she wanted the solution of the problem to be. She said it was indicative of how the society has belittled gender crimes. And how they have no idea of how to deal with prevalent injustice against women. Hill said that though her accusations were not dealt with in the best possible manner, her example stirred awareness that women will have to fight their own battles, and aid each other through situations where men are practically unavailable.

The duo constantly stressed on bystanders during their course. Both agreed that owing to power inequalities speaking up against the problem would have brought only harm. But as things are more optimistic today than they were several years ago there should be and will be different reactions to such situations.

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