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Britney Spears Flaunts Them Sexy Curves in Crop-top

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The pop queen herself, Britney Spears is all for the pretty and perfect feminine looks. She is a total sucker for posh Victorian tea sets, nature, and whatnot. So, it is not out of the ordinary that she loves herself some good floral crop tops. While in Quarantine Britney seems to be testing out digital editing qualities as she adds a white flower to her picture wearing the very sexy crop top. It might be to Quarantine boredom or just Britney trying to be confident in her skin. Well, the Toxic singer is confident alright.


Britney Spears shows off her curves in new Instagram posts

In the picture above you can see how Britney has her crop top wrapped extremely tightly on her body. Accentuating her breasts and showing off her perfect curvy figure. she is also rocking her signature pout. Now that is a sight to behold. Well it may have served the purpose of keeping her 23.8 million Instagram followers happy. Honestly though, does this woman age? At 38 years, she still has the looks of a teenager.

However, this was not the only picture she posted. The second picture has a little more zoomed out angle on her body and this time you can see Britney toned belly and it is sexy. In another picture, she has fingers on the size of pants and she seems to be lowering them.


Suspensions confirmed as in the third picture you can see right where her privates begin. Well, I think it is proven just how comfortable Britney Spears is in her own skin.


A while back, Britney said that she does not Photoshop her posts and everything in her posts from her backgrounds to her make-up in her previous and current posts is all-natural. Her fans took the digitally added white rose as a sign that she is editing her photos. That’s not very logical though. Fans are also calling her the Queen of Repost as both, the top and the posts, seem to be from a while back. But we know how much her fans truly love her as there’s a whole Zone for Britney.

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