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Wheel of Fortune Facing Controversy for Re-Inviting an Ex-Contestant?

We Knew It!

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Staying away from controversies in 2020 is a highly difficult task, especially if you are a public figure. Who would have thought that a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant would be the subject of a controversy at a time when a pandemic has us all worried? Neither did we and yet here we are. Let us explain.

About Wheel of Fortune!

Wheel of Fortune

For those of you unaware, Wheel of Fortune is an American TV game show. It has been running strong for over 45 years now. In every episode, the show pits contestants against each other. They have to solve word puzzles and spin a giant carnival wheel in hopes of winning luxurious prizes.

However, the show enforces certain rules. One of these rules is that once a contestant appears on the show, they cannot participate again. The show’s casting committee had been doing a good job of respecting the said rule… until now!

Controversy Hovers over a Wheel of Fortune Contestant Appearing Twice!

This Monday’s episode saw the Valencia-based Software Project Manager Tony Harrison walking out with nearly $100K. However, this wasn’t his first appearance on the show. While introducing him, the host Pat Sajak said:

If Tony looks familiar — this is Tony Harrison, who’s been here before,

Sajak continued:

We had a little production issue, and in the interests of fairness, we brought Tony back.

Interestingly, the production issue wasn’t addressed in the episode. However, Yahoo! Entertainment has a pretty good idea. The Wheel of Fortune contestant in question appeared on the show back in 2017. He played well and ultimately found his way to the bonus round. There, he opted for the “Phrase” category. However, his chosen category got switched with the “What are you doing.” one on the fly.

Harrison, while replying to a tweet about the production issue, praised the show for staying in touch with him after the apparent blunder.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant took full advantage of the opportunity he had. He put on a phenomenal performance and bagged over $93K (cash and other prizes). Among these prizes was a deluxe trip to Barbados.

The reaction to Tony Harrison’s second appearance on the show has been mixed so far. While there are people who are in awe with the Project Manager’s remarkable performance, others are calling the show unfair for getting a previous contestant on board. Here are a few of those reactions:


What was your reaction to seeing Tony Harrison again on Wheel of Fortune? Let us know in the comments down below!

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