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21 Hilariously Relatable Marriage Tweets

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So marriage is a lot of things. And it can get hard sometimes. However, you gotta do what you gotta do. But whatever it is, these tweets by married people prove my point. And that is. Marriage is fun.

The Fun(ny) Side Of Marriage

1. Because that’s the most you can do.

2. Since this husband sure cares about what his wife wants.

3. But you know, I feel this one. No joke.

4. However, look at this very observant and attentive husband.

5. Well, that’s just funny now.

6. So this one I don’t get. I mean. How can you fall asleep? More importantly. BUT WHY?

7. So this one is very relatable. I totally get it. I’m a picky eater myself. Although, poor husband.

8. Because it’s important to feel like your opinion matters. Whether it actually does or not is a completely different matter.

9. And here’s reason 3498 why it’s not realistic.

10. So. Kind of guilty of this myself.

11. But. *sigh* men. That’s it. That’s the caption for this one.

12. However, this guy sure knows how to get revenge.

13. Because they only hear what they wanna hear.

14. But what did he even do wrong?

15. However, in case you didn’t know. These are the “real” couple goals.

16. Since you have to cOmPrOmIsE.

17. Because these are the true challenges of a marriage, guys.

18. And folks, this is what we call P R I O R I T I E S.

19. So honestly, I love exasperated marriage tweets.

20. Oh snap. But I can only imagine what would have followed after this. Because if someone ate MY food, God.


The Absolute Maestro

21. And duh, hilarious tweets about marriage without a Ryan Reynolds tweet? So impossible!

22. And another one. Reynolds roasting his family is too good to pass up.

And one more. Come on! It’s Ryan Reynolds.

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