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Donald Trump Blames Elizabeth Warren For Bernie Dropping Out

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With Bernie Sanders dropping out of the 2020 Presidential Race, the stage is finally set! It’s going to be Joe Biden vs Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections in November. But, when has that ever stopped the Donald from taking a dig at others? This time, he blames Elizabeth Warren for Bernie’s campaign going down the drain. Moreover, he also invited Bernie supporters to join the Republican party!

Donald Trump and his usual Twitter tirades

As soon as Bernie’s news broke out, Trump went to Twitter and had one of his usual tirades. The first thing he did was to blame Elizabeth Warren for Bernie dropping out and compared her to “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. His tweet said:

No matter what happens, Donald Trump always finds a way to make it about himself. After all, that’s how he made it into the White House. But, he doesn’t seem to understand much about the way with which he became the US President – Democracy. We realized that when Trump couldn’t wrap his head around why Bernie was still not giving up his delegates:

What he doesn’t understand is that Bernie Sanders isn’t in this fight for himself. By staying in the race, Bernie wants to ensure that his progressive policies still gather weight. By doing so, he can force Joe Biden to adopt some of his policies, such as Medicare for all, Green New Deal, and others. However, it’s kind of hard for Donald Trump to wrap his head around that. But, is he right to blame Elizabeth Warren?

Is Warren to blame?

Even though a lot of factors go into the success or failure of a campaign, Elizabeth Warren did play a role in this one. This is because, after Super Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the Presidential race. However, she did not endorse a single candidate for the Democratic Primaries. This was especially concerning for Bernie Sanders because she was a progressive candidate just like him. And her endorsement would have gone a long way in Bernie’s campaign for the White House.

Moreover, her silence was more like an endorsement for Joe Biden instead. Now, Biden has to win over Bernie supporters and for that, he will have to adopt some of his policies. He’s the only one left standing against the Republican Party, and Donald Trump. Let’s see what he has in store and if he can bring the Democratic Party back in power.

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