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Logan Paul Crashes Online Film Class!

To be fair, it was pretty much expected from him

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Quarantine has us doing crazy things, that’s for sure. But if we are doing crazy things, what about the Paul brothers? What we consider “crazy” is pretty normal for them. So, we decided to watch a recent vlog of Logan Paul and found the Maverick crashing an online film class!

Paul Brothers’ Quarantine Adventures!

Both Logan and Jake Paul have been putting out fire content since the implementation of the lockdown. From racing paper-boats down a stream at Logan Paul’s new ranch to placing insane bets and using the green screen to add hilarious things in the background, the Paul brothers have been displaying immense creativity.

But it wasn’t until recently when Logan decided to take the next step. You should have already known by the title what we are referring to. Let’s talk about how it went down!

Logan Paul “Attends” and gets “Kicked out” of an Online Film Class!

Logan Paul

For the sake of social distancing, almost all college classes are taking place online these days. Platforms like Zoom are proving to be helpful in this regard. So, cutting to the chase, the Impaulsive host uploaded a vlog recently. In it, he talks about a “kid” who invited him to join his Zoom lecture. And as you would expect from Logan, he agreed to it.

As soon as Logan joined the class, the other students had mixed reactions. While some didn’t believe that it was the real Logan Paul, one girl simply wanted him out. Thus, the host of the meeting ended up kicking Logan Paul out of the class right away! The Maverick and his friend Dwarf Mamba then took a few jabs at the student who asked for the YouTuber to be kicked out.

While Logan Paul couldn’t do something insane due to getting kicked out right after he joined in, it was a funny moment for sure. Plus, we are sure that other YouTubers are likely to follow suit while in quarantine. What do you think?

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