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Inside 7-year feud of Matt Lucas with David Walliams

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The two famous comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams worked together in Little Britain from 2003 till 2009. The show was famous and so was the duo. After the show ended, they worked together for a year in Come Fly with Me. Speculations that the duo had a falling out started after this. And they never worked together after that so we believe that they had a feud. After all these years, we will look back in time and see what it was all about.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ feud

Both wrote their individual autobiographies and from there we caught a glimpse of what really happened to them. In Matt’s autobiography, Little Me, he said that it all started on Little Britain’s tour. Apparently, the two couldn’t stop arguing on the smallest of things even. Eventually, it got bigger and resulted in cutting ties entirely. Later, David also wrote his version of the story which summarizes the whole thing as two different people wanting different things. We see this happening a lot really but rarely do we make a big deal out of this. It just so happens that the two were a big deal back then and still are. And the fans have always wanted to know more.

But recently, we have been getting some good news. Matt Lucas and David Walliams have made up. So, we can officially start daydreaming about their upcoming new projects, right? Unfortunately, the two very busy men have tight schedules, and finding a spot that works for both of them is going to take some time. Meanwhile, the two have been talking daily. It’s random stuff like cute and funny videos but it definitely shows that the two have left the past in the past.

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