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This Nail Salon Just Turned Nails Into an Important Coronavirus Message

This nail Instagram account has been under fire for it's creativity.

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Nail Sunny Instagram’s owner Arina Movsisian, wants you to stay safe during the Coronavirus outbreak and she is doing that through her nail art. The controversial nail artist from Russia has met with mixed reactions for depicting her creativity.

Nail Sunny’s Coronavirus Nail Art

Founder of a popular Russian Nail salon, Arina is urging everyone to wash their hands amid the Coronavirus pandemic. However, she is spreading the message in her trademark style. Yes, you guessed that right, it’s another nail design by the controversial nail salon that is not controversial.


This particular nail design by Nail Sunny showcases a very simple yet important message, “wash your hands.” It’s depicted by turning the nails into all the necessary components involved in the act. She turns human nails into two hands, a tap, a soap, and a face mask. Confused? have a look at it below.


The nail Instagram account’s creativity has received mixed reactions lately. In a recent post captioned “Coronavirus Stop”, Nail Sunny transformed human nails into green blobs depicting the COVID-19 virus and faces (looked like Asian) wearing face masks. The post sparked backlash and there were varying reactions.

Some called Nail Sunny an opportunist and their art insensitive.

Hardly think this is ‘art’, hundreds of people have died of Coronavirus and thousands are infected. It’s not a joke. It’s insensitive and mean and just try to make headlines with this.

One comment read.

I don’t know how to feel about it.

I’m not sure what was the intention behind the Coronavirus design but some accused the nail artists of racism. Here’s one for you.

Racism isn’t art, BRUH.

In the past, this nail Instagram account has seen transformed nails into male and female genitals. Transformations like cocaine nails and poop nail art are also some of their wildest creations.

One can question the intentions behind their nail designs but the skills are unmatched. Dankanator will keep you updated with more interesting stories from around the world.



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