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David Dobrik ‘Rides’ Rumored Girlfriend Natalie?

Woah. It is not what it sounds like!

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We have all heard at one point or another about David Dobrik and Natalie Noel’s possible relationship. David Dobrik is a famous YouTuber and one of the members of the viewers’ favorite Vlog Squad. Natalie is David’s childhood best friend and his current assistant. The two share a house together and are literally inseparable. During these trying times, we are all locked in our houses and for some, it is more fun than others. For David and Natalie, this quarantine time is when they are in each other’s faces all day long and they do not seem to mind it. In a recent TikTok video posted on David’s account, they both are doing the pretty famous Ride Me Challenge. But again, it is not what you think.

The curious part is that the video was deleted from David’s TikTok account. We wonder why.

David Dobrik and Natalie Noel to the #RideMeChallenge

So the ride me Challenge is basically a person with long hair posing as the tail of a horse and another person posing as a cowboy, standing backside front and pretending to ride a horse. Yeehaw! And David Dobrik did the challenge with Assistant Natalie. It is just a harmless challenge, isn’t it?

But even though they deleted that video, there is another video up on David’s TikTok where Natalie and David are prepping for a romantic evening under the stars. They have their laptop, speakers, snacks and twinkle lights set on- wait is that a bed?! Don’t believe us? Watch it here yourself!

@daviddobrikwe put the bed back in like 5 minutes… it was way too cold hahah♬ original sound – daviddobrik

Although David does add this in the caption;

We put the bed back in like 5 minutes… It was way too cold hahaha.

But the setup is so cozy, we cannot help but wonder if they continue their evening indoors.

Whatever their relationship is, we find David and Natalie to be one of the most adorable not together – together couples that we know. I mean, they even have a dog together! It is like the perfect family home!

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