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So What if Geoffrey Owens Works as a Cashier at Trader Joe’s?

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American sitcom The Cosby Show‘s Geoffrey Owens works as a cashier at Trader Joe’s. But as the photographs went viral, people on the Internet started losing their minds. It seems that Geoffrey Owens went viral just for having a regular job.

A Hollywood Actor As a Trader Joe’s Cashier?

Probably a Hollywood celebrity working at Trader Joe’s is the last thing that anybody would have imagined. That probably justifies the lack of sense people displayed while reacting to it.

Last week, a woman shopping at Trader Joe’s store in New Jersey captured a picture of Geoffrey Owens working as a cashier. And even sent it to the Daily Mail probably for some cash fee. Geoffrey Owens looked disheveled in the pictures. Obviously, nobody expects to have portraits done while working so he wasn’t expecting it to go viral. Ever since the pictures got published everywhere, many people started the regular job shaming. However, a whole majority believed that there was no point in making news out of a man doing an honest job.

Geoffrey Owens himself appeared on Good Morning America on Monday. And opened up about the reactions he was getting after the photographs went viral. He claimed that he felt like a character in that Woody Allen movie that wakes up one morning and suddenly, he has become a celebrity. Geoffrey Owens wore his Trader Joe’s name tag and Yale baseball cap since he is a Yale 1983 graduate.

He added that at first, he was devastated by the news. But he quickly got over it as people started supporting him. Fortunately, the shame part stopped soon, and people from across the support extended support. Owens also gave away a lesson telling people that no job was less than the other. And even when some jobs pay more, or some jobs look better on the resume, but they are not. He said that every job was valuable and worthwhile. And that nobody has to feel sorry for him because he is doing fine.

Should We Feel Bad For Geoffrey Owens?

Probably not. The whole hype that people created out of Geoffrey Owens working as a Trader Joe’s cashier is entirely pointless. Why are people looking down at a job just because a famous actor is doing it? There is no need of pitying the star without even knowing the real reason why he works there. He took up the job because even after delivering acting classes for a long time, it didn’t make enough money. And the real reason why he didn’t make it public is not because he was ashamed of it. But rather, he did not want people to think he was unavailable for acting. Working as a cashier at Trader Joe’s keeps Geoffrey Owens and his family happy. So as long as he is satisfied with what he does, why are people shaming him for doing it?

The whole Geoffrey Owens story revealed another aspect of Hollywood that we probably never experienced before. Celebrities and crew workers who are at one time part of major shows and movies do not keep making money after it ends. Although a lot many actors who fade into obscurity keep cashing in their work from years ago. However, others need to get side jobs to get their households running. And even though we believe that actors should not stoop down to do regular jobs, there is no shame in it.

What Geoffrey Owens is doing at Trader Joe’s as a cashier deserves respect. People who are ridiculing him for having a job definitely need to get some perspective.

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