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Paul Rudd Is Still Ageless In His 51st birthday

And still doesn't look a day above 30.

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A lot of stars have aged well over the years. The names that stand out most are Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reaves, etc. However, there’s one star that stands tall above them all, and that is none other than Paul Rudd. In short, Paul Rudd is basically ageless. And on his 51st birthday, we see how the internet went crazy on his immortality.

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Has Antman aged at all?

On his 51st birthday, Paul Rudd still manages to look exactly like the day we saw him first on Television. He’s appeared in Friends, Antman, and Living with Yourself, and managed to look the same in all of them. However, it blows your mind when you think that these shows/movies are almost a generation apart from each other. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

Paul Rudd Is Still Ageless In His 51st birthday
InStyle | Twitter

And of course, we have to remind you that he’s 28 years old in one picture, and 51 in the other. But, you have to decide which one! Crazy, right? The only way to tell is the picture quality. That’s how ageless Paul Rudd is, and it’s a bit creepy. However, he does have some decent explanation for it.

His reason for looking so young at this age is simple – he’s dead inside and he moisturizes. I wish we were kidding, but that’s Paul Rudd in his own words on why he’s ageless. However, that doesn’t stop the internet from losing their minds again, does it?

Twitter goes crazy on his 51st birthday

As expected, twitter lost its mind on finding out that Paul Rudd is actually 51 years old. Here are some gems that you’re going to find, and it includes one from Captain America Chris Evans himself!

But, how can the rest of Twitter survive without jokes and memes, right?


Even Amazon Prime didn’t hold back on Paul Rudd’s agelessness!

But, it’s obvious to say that all this comes from a place of love for the Antman. The guy absolutely deserves our love and appreciation, and we wish him a happy 51st birthday!

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