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Nicki Minaj Talks Women Empowerment

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Nicki Minaj just got real about a lot many things in her latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And seemed to open up about almost everything from her sex life to her feuds with Travis Scott. But most importantly, the Queen rapper sent out direct and indirect messages on women empowerment.

Nicki Minaj Changes Narrative on Women Needs

Nicki Minaj has huge expectations out of her love life. While getting honest about her needs as a woman, she said that she would want to do it three times a night. If the person could not handle it, then she would rather not waste her time. Not only this, but Nicki Minaj said that she would not like to have a gap of more than thirty minutes between each. Once they’re done, if she is feeling great, her partner should just leave her alone. Maybe go to make her some food.

Nicki Minaj also seems to be impatient when it comes to making love. Apparently, she happens to get many guys who love kissing. Although, she likes kissing, she added that the partner should be quick with the foreplay stuff and then hurry up. She claimed she didn’t have time for all that stuff.

Nicki Minaj also delivered some advice to the women in her audience. She told them to realize that it was all about them feeling good too. Not just about the guy feeling good. And she even said that the worse you make a man feel, they know how to do it better later. She said that previously she got out of long relationships. And did not even know who she was minus a man. But now Nicki Minaj is loving herself. She added that now everything she does is not about pleasing a man. And that makes her feel empowered.

Previously, all women would hear was how to please their men. But Nicki Minaj blatantly talking about her needs and desires to be fulfilled as a woman is adding a new narrative to the whole situation. Emphasizing on how women should feel great too aligns with her thoughts on women empowerment.

Nicki Minaj Bringing Other Women Down?

During her interview, Nicki Minaj also talked about her feud with rapper Travis Scott. Back in August, she was super frustrated when his album Astroworld became no. 1 on the charts instead of her own album Queen. She made a series of tweets expressing her indignation. And blamed him for using his girlfriend Kylie Jenner to post about the tour and get more following. While mentioning the feud on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Minaj said that she felt like punching Travis Scott in the face. And that wasn’t anger. But it’s about what’s right or wrong or what is fair.

However, what’s more interesting than the idea of Nicki Minaj punching Travis Scott is that is it okay for Nicki Minaj to preach women empowerment and still believe in bringing other women down? Blaming the success of Astroworld and accusing Kylie Jenner of losing the no. 1 spot to Scott is probably not what Nicki Minaj should have done. Women empowerment is all about successful women coexisting and making each other stronger for the whole. Not pitting one against the other or bringing each other down collectively.

But with this interview, Nicki Minaj did give some great advice to all women. Maybe, it’s still time before she moves on to understand this other women empowerment concept.

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