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Hollywood Wants Bernie Sanders To Quit

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As we all know, celebrities are quite often active in politics. Many aren’t shy in letting everyone know of their political leanings. And many of them are true Bernie supporters. After all, his liberal, progressive, and socialist politics is something many celebrities agree to. However, recently a few of them have come out saying that Bernie should quit. So, does Hollywood want Bernie Sanders to drop out? Let’s take a look.

Many celebrities love Bernie

Bernie Sanders does not receive a lot of love from the big producers in Hollywood. But, let’s face it, he doesn’t need them either. He’s always focused on the individual donors and voters. However, celebrities just love him! There’s a huge list of Hollywood stars that have gone out of their way to speak for Bernie. And it’s a huge list, as the names include:

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Mark Ruffalo
  3. Cole Sprouse
  4. Cardi B
  5. Danny DeVito
  6. Donald Glover
  7. And so on…

However, recently some celebrities have started adopting a different tone towards Bernie. Some of his outspoken supporters now have something different to say.

Hollywood stars that think Bernie should quit

Recently, some celebrities have started to speak about the idea of Bernie dropping out too. And some of them were very prominent Bernie supporters too. So much so, that they even look like him.

Hollywood Wants Bernie Sanders To Quit

Of course, we’re talking about Larry David here. Recently, he gave an interview to the New York Times and said that Bernie should probably quit the 2020 Presidential race. He said that because of Joe Biden’s massive lead over Bernie in the Democratic Primaries. And this is coming from a very strong Bernie supporter, who regularly makes fun of Trump Supporters too. However, some celebrities went over the top in their criticism of Bernie Sanders. And by some, we mean Alyssa Milano.

Hollywood Wants Bernie Sanders To Quit

Recently, Alyssa Milano had a massive Twitter brawl with Bernie Supporters. In it, she criticized Bernie and his supporters for creating a bigger divide in the democratic party. However, it soon turned very ugly. This is because serious charges of sexual assault surfaced against Joe Biden, who is backed by Alyssa. But, many people share her opinion on Bernie’s campaign right now. So, does Hollywood have a point?

Should Bernie call it quits?

Many people subscribe to this argument that Bernie still standing against Biden just weakens the Democratic party. However, this argument doesn’t stand much ground if we look at how important a vote is in a democracy.

Now, Bernie has a very strong set of principles. They’re mostly based on progressive and socialist politics, with a lot of focus on the environment and the poor. But, him still hanging on to the Presidential race isn’t hurting Biden or the democrats. Instead, it gives them a bigger understanding of how to win more support among the Democrats.

This is because more votes for Bernie mean that people subscribe to his views. This forces the opposing candidate to at least adopt a part of Bernie’s manifesto. Only then, Joe Biden stands a chance against Donald Trump. And the longer Bernie persists to stay in the Presidential race, the more Biden can learn about what many young voters want. Therefore, it’s good that Bernie Sanders sticks till the very end of the Democratic Primaries. And Hollywood celebrities should focus on his initiatives, like progressive taxation, Medicare for all, and the “Green New Deal”.

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