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Ian Somerhalder is not giving up on V Wars

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Netflix canceled V wars. It has been a week since the news and more than anything, fans have been waiting for Ian Somerhalder’s response. Now, the former Vampire Diaries hunk has worked hard for this show. Being Dr. Luther Swann seems to be the dream Ian never realized he has. Just last week, Netflix just upped and it was revealed that V Wars is not being renewed for a second season. And it would not take a genius to know how devastating this news was for Somerhalder. Ian exchanged his signature fangs for a lab coat and here’s a chunk of good news for you all.

Although Ian realizes that right now there are far more dire topics to talk on, he posts a video on his Instagram talking about V Wars. Now we may be thinking ahead but, there’s good news for you all Blood Brothers lovers. Ian says he is not done with the show yet!

Ian Somerhalder says V Wars is not over

Before getting into the video, it makes us so happy when we read the caption even before watching the video.

Here’s an update on VWars from my silver bullet think pod. VWars is NOT DONE. There is life for Dr. Swann and this incredible story. The war is just beginning…

In the video, Ian talks about play Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries.

I feel SO lucky to have played the character, Damon Salvatore, for 8 years. I think he was literally one of the best-written roles in television ever. It was a blast. He was snarky, he was sexy, he was funny, he was dynamic. He was also at times, a huge prick. But people still loved him.

Then Ian Somerhalder compares his Vampire player character to his new one. Dr. Luther Swann. Father and Scientist.

But coming off that, when I found Luther Swann… while he might not be a vampire he still is a superhero to me.

His superpowers is that he is a great dad, a great scientist, and a great husband. He’s a good, normal f***ing dude. And then he is thrown into this situation that literally rips his world and everyone else world around him apart.

We love that Ian has got his wits about this character, however, with the entire storyline, I think even IMDb agrees that it may not have the best. They rate V Wars at only 6.1 compared to that of The Vampire Diaries’s 7.7. For now, all we can do is wait until Ian works it out! Looks like this may not have been the last we have seen of Adrian Holmes and gang!

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