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Westworld Season 3 Episode 4: Everyone Is Dolores

Spoilers ahead!

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We all know how HBO’s Westworld has a habit of screwing up our brains. The religious symbolism, overlapping timelines, and not knowing who’s human or not isn’t easy for everyone to catch on. However, this time they’ve really outdone themselves. The showrunners showed how Paris was nuked in episode 4 of season 3 of Westworld. But, that’s not even the biggest reveal of this episode. The biggest one was that Dolores is everywhere, literally! Here’s our review.

Episode 4 reveals Dolores is Charlotte Hale?!

That doesn’t even describe half of what we saw in Westworld’s episode 4 of season 3. We were confused about who was the host in Charlotte Hale, Martin Connells, and Musashi (Yes, he’s back!). But as it turns out, they’re all quite similar to each other. In fact, they’re all the same! They’re all Dolores! Dolores decided to clone herself and put her clones in all these host bodies. As the famous saying goes,

If you want something done, do it yourself!

Except that, Dolores took that saying too much to the heart.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 4 Paris Was Nuked!

What this means is that the orbs Dolores took from season 2 were just copies of herself. These were the orbs and who they currently rest according to Westworld’s episode 4 of season 3:

  1. Dolores = Dolores Orb

  2. Martin Connells = Her clone

  3. Charlotte Hale = Her clone

  4. Musashi = Her clone

  5. Bernard = Bernard Orb

This is by far the biggest reveal from Westworld’s season 3, and it completely changes the dynamics. Moreover, Aaron Paul’s Caleb continues to give his unquestionable loyalty to her. Maybe he’s smitten to Evan Rachel Wood’s charm, but who knows.

In all this, Bernard and Stubs were trying to take the jump on Dolores by kidnapping Liam Dempsey. However, they couldn’t make it, and Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard ends up in Dolores’s custody. This makes Dolores almost invincible and miles ahead of her opponents, Maeve, and Serac in Westworld season 3. Speaking of which…

Maeve and Serac – A marriage of convenience?

Similarly, Maeve is also on a quest of her own. Currently, Serac has pitted her against Dolores to bring back some balance to Rehoboam’s predicted future of humanity. In that quest, she gets to meet Sato (who was the host Musashi from Westworld). However, she soon realizes that it’s someone else in Musashi’s body, and that’s when it dawns on her. In the end, Dolores/Musashi pierces Maeve’s body with his sword. But, before she could take out Maeve’s orb, she was interrupted by Serac’s men who were tracking her.

For now, Serac and Maeve are in a marriage of convenience, as Serac has promised her a heavenly life with her daughter. However, as we all know, nothing is for certain in Westworld, especially in season 3.

William Delos – Trying to find himself

Westworld Season 3 Episode 4 Everyone Is Dolores

Our man in black from Westworld has lost his black drapes in season 3. He’s pretty much lost himself and hallucinates over his dead daughter, Emily, who he killed in season 2. At the start he was in his home, which was all messed up, thinking about his daughter and his wife’s suicide. However, Charlotte Hale eventually shows up at her place, telling him about Serac’s attempt to buy him out of Delos.

On hearing that, he got his sanity back together (or what was left of it) and decided to attend a meeting. But, that’s when Hale reveals to him that she’s actually Dolores! Moreover, there was no board meeting. Instead, she was having him admitted into a mental facility. That’s were Bill gets to face his own demons and tries to think whether he is real or not. In short, he found the end of his own maze, as put forward by the genius Robert Ford. But, chances are this isn’t the last we’ll see of Bill in Westworld season 3. We can expect to see him beyond episode 4!

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