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Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan Public Messy Instagram Breakup

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Noah Cyrus and rapper Lil Xan have reportedly broken up. But things are worse that anybody could have imagined. Not only did they have a very messy breakup, but the whole affair was made public on Instagram. Now everyone is practically in on the whole hilarious breakup drama.

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan confirmed their dating rumors back in last month. The couple was all over each other in their Instagram posts and videos, and fans were already speculating that there was something going on. Even though they did not officially confirm they are dating, their social media presented the picture itself.

What Really Happened…

In an Instagram story, Lil Xan expressed that he was being cheated on. He added that bad things always happened to good guys. In fact, the rapper even claimed that their music video Live Or Die would not be coming out. And that was only because people lived to hurt him. According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, Lil Xan said that he had recently been informed that his relationship with Noah Cyrus was fake. He thought that “he was in love but whatever”. He sarcastically thanked Noah for mentioning her as the heartbreak more solid. And said that he hopes the song does well.

Noah Cyrus responded to the accusations in her own Instagram story. The singer said that cheaters always accuse others of cheating so that they feel less burdened. And she said that she was not even sure where all this was coming from. Noah Cyrus claimed that she had not seen her ex-boyfriend in almost a week. Every time she asked him to hangout, something would get in the way. Later, she spotted a girl in his court at 2 am in the morning. And could see a hickey on his neck when they Facetimed later. But Lil Xan said it was a bruise and she gave him the benefit of doubt. Noah Cyrus also uploaded a picture of Lil Xan that recently got circulated on the internet. And clearly, there is something fishy on his neck.

Noah Cyrus Lil Xan

Noah Cyrus further wrote that she had always been there with him in his dark times. And if this was his way of breaking up with her and breaking her heart, he had succeeded. She also sent out a message to all the strong and beautiful girls saying that if she could keep her head up through this, they could too.

Why Did Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan Breakup?

Apparently, what first caught attention as the reason behind the breakup was that Noah Cyrus sent Lil Xan a meme that sparked his concerns that his girlfriend was cheating. It was a meme of Charlie Puth’s head over a porn star’s body. It was supposed to be a joke that Lil Xan was least amused by.

However, in his Instagram stories, Lil Xan said it was hilarious that people thought they broke up over a meme. In fact, he claimed that the break up stemmed after he saw her all over another guy. He then shared the picture in which Noah Cyrus was touching another guy. And on the picture, Lil Xan wrote that if she was his girl, she could not touch another dude like that.

Even though the whole breakup is saddening for their fans, one can’t help but admit that it’s hilarious and all the public drama is certainly enjoyable!

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