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Ezra Miller Chokes A Fan And Alleged Assault Video Goes Viral

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Actor Ezra Miller is back on the news but in craziest of ways as he allegedly tries to choke a fan. In a video that is circulating on the Internet, it appears that Miller is allegedly assaulting a fan. The short clip is unable to provide sufficient proof about what is happening. Perhaps this is all a joke but the Internet will not forget and continues to make a mockery out of the event!

Is Ezra Miller Choking A Fan?

We do not know for sure. Maybe it is best if we let you guys decide what is happening here. Check this out!

Before Miller starts to choke this fan, they seem like threatening the female fan by asking her: “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” Quickly afterward, the gender non-binary and queer star grabs on the fan’s neck and crashes her to the wall at their side. It was after this when the videomaker realized that things have become serious. He is heard saying “Whoa, bro! Bro. Bro!”

Twitter is certainly not going to forget this video of Miller choking a fan. We have tonnes more of where this came from. How about this perspective where the fan did not expect what was coming to her as Ezra Miller allegedly assaults her? Similar to RKO?


To those thinking what the fan was thinking or what her POV was, this Twitter user made it clear for all of us:

Someone needs to tell Ezra Miller that greeting fans by choking them is not the right kind of greeting anyone would want.


You must admit when you guys saw that Ezra Miller was trending on social media, none of you expected that he will be choking a fan. Talk about crushing windpipe!

Ezra Miller assaulting a fan through choking is probably the worst way he can start his morning! Look at this perspective by a user!

Here is one for all of those who still want Ezra Miller to choke them!


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