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Kristen Bell Wants To See The Empathy Travel Beyond the Realms of Coronavirus Pandemic

She thinks empathy for the working class and poor shouldn't be limited to a Coronavirus pandemic.

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Kristen Bell is overwhelmed by the scale of rebuilding efforts amid the current crisis. However, The Good Place actress wants this empathy to travel beyond the realms of a Coronavirus pandemic.

Kristen Bell Reminds Us of a Grim Reality

Kristen Bell Instagram’s quarantine update comes in the form of an excerpt from a HuffPost article. In it, guest writer Stephanie Land touches on the important subject of poverty in America and the need to take care of the poor and working-class, irrespective of a pandemic such as Coronavirus.

The Good Place actress Kristen Bell endorses the writer’s thoughts and shares a section from the writing. It starts off with a concern that the decision-makers in the White House rarely talk about poverty in America and a crackdown on the causes of poverty.

As a poor person and someone who now writes extensively about social and economic justice, I’ve often noticed a lack of a focus on poverty [and causes of poverty] appearing in news cycles or in debates among White House contenders.

Frozen star’s post then appreciates how the Government and people have gathered to help the needy. However, the writer and Kristen Bell were disappointed upon realizing that these efforts stay limited to an epidemic.

Bewildered parents are talking about pay increase for teachers. Athletes donated salaries to cover the workers in stadiums. This wasn’t your average donation to a local food bank. This was something I’d been waiting to see for several years. A recognition that minimum-wage, hourly work exists, and without it, people cannot survive.

I think Frozen star Kristan Bell and Stephanie’s concerns boil down to one simple aspect. “Do not take the services of the working-class for granted.” The Government should support them year-round and remember them in the absence of a COVID-19 crisis as well.

There is a dire need to work on the eradication of causes of poverty. Let’s just hope this newly emerged empathy becomes a constant feature in our society and transforms into lasting compassion.

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