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WHAT?! Google’s New Report Shows Surprising Change in Worldwide Traveling!

A Sigh of Relief

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During times like these, coming across positive news is surely a treat in itself. Luckily, we have one for you right now! According to Google, there has been a considerable reduction in visits to places like restaurants and movie theaters. What this means is that majority of the people are actually practicing precaution, which is good news for all!

Google’s New Data Shows that People are Actually Adhering to the Lockdown Guidelines!


This past Friday, the Tech Giant revealed new data centered on people’s visits to places like movie theaters, transportation hubs, etc. over the last few weeks. The data shows that ever since the stay-at-home orders have been placed because of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2), people have actually “slowed down”.

Google collected data of people residing in 131 countries. Interestingly, the report didn’t feature one of the world’s most populous countries, China. When we compare the traveling in March to the average traveling between January and February, we can notice a 47% reduction in visits to places such as restaurants, cinemas, theme parks, shopping centers, etc. across the United States alone. Moreover, public transportation witnessed a hit of 51%.

Not only America but countries like Italy and Spain are now also handling the situation very well. Visits to retail and recreational places in both of these countries are down by 94%. As for the United Kingdom, the number for the same is 85%. Pretty impressive, if you ask us!

Break Down of Data in Regards to the US!

Apart from the crucial retail and recreation spots, the US residents have also cut down their visits to places belonging to other categories:

  • Visits to Grocery stores & Pharmacies are down by 22%
  • Visits to Parks are down by 19%

When you talk about state-wise numbers, here are some important results:

In New York, a considerable reduction has been observed in visits to retail and recreation sites (62%), transportation hubs (68%), workplaces (46%), parks (47%) and pharmacies & grocery stores (32%). Along with that, New York residents are now spending 16% more time in their homes than they usually do.

In California, the drop in visits to places like restaurants and movie theaters (50%), transportation hubs (54%), workplaces (39%), parks (40%), grocery stores (24%) has been quite impressive so far as well.


Google’s data surely proves that as a unit, we can get through this problem together. Let’s hope that until then, people all around the world follow the lockdown guidelines seriously.

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