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What’s New on Amazon Video: A Sleepish, Agog Sci-Fi ‘Tales from the Loop’

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HBO might have Chernobyl, Netflix may have Altered Carbon, but Amazon Prime isn’t holding back from being weird either. It’s slow-burning, bang bamboozling sci-fi drama ‘Tales from the Loop’ is now out, and it has us all bewildered. Delineating about the inquisitive paintings of Simon Stålenhag. ‘Tales from the Loop’ attempts to make work with the eerie-small-town Motif. But it doesn’t have the serial discourse of Stranger Things, nor does it possess the emotional absorptivity of Twin Peaks. It’s strikingly different, tantalizing slow, and earnestly devoted to its central theme: the dreads of technology.

Tales From The Loop Starring Jonathan Pryce And Rebecca Hall On Amazon Video

All eight episodes of Tales from the Loop premiered simultaneously on Amazon Prime on April 3, 2020. The show has been in production since June 2018, back when Amazon Video had first announced its plans of adapting Simon Stålenhag’s art book. Video later extended a contract to Nathaniel Halpern, who is the creative mind behind the show. Tales from the Loop sees a new director behind the helm for every new episode, mostly due to its anthology format. It also boasts a starry cast, including Abby Ryder Forston, Rebecca Hall, Jonathan Pryce, and Ato Essandoh.

Tales From The Loop: Regular People In An Irregular World

Tales from the Loop distinguishes itself from the cliched genre tropes through its placid, fearsome storytelling. The story takes place in a rustic, frosty, American town. Time and date? Probably social constructs. The premise mainly involves a group of adults cheerfully working at the Loop, a mysterious underground research facility, while the town’s children curiously observe the technological monoliths, which predictably sinister. The ensemble doesn’t come to play much, instead, it is the glacial pauses, exquisite visuals, and haunting VFX that do most of the work. There are oscillations and jitters, and even in the most serene scenes, there is a palpable sense of agitation.

Tales from the Loop was subject to favorable reviews from critics. But Amazon Video is yet to make a decision about its future. Will the sci-fi anthology score another season on the streamer? Too soon to tell.

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