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Career of Asia Argento Going Downhill: Enough of a Punishment?

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The 42-year-old Italian actress Asia Argento has recently been alleged of sexually assaulting Jimmy Bennett, the 22-year-old actor and musician. Even though she denied these claims, her career has certainly been affected by it. The reason why people are alarmed by the whole situation is because Argento has been an active supporter of the #MeToo movenment. She has been a survivor too. She has claimed to be assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, back in 1997, saying that he conducted oral sex on her against her will.

Because of the aforementioned allegations, CNN removed Asia Argento’s episodes on the hit TV show ‘Parts Unknown’ by Anthony Bourdain. The reporter of CNN stated, “In light of the recent news reports about Asia Argento, CNN will discontinue airing past episodes of Parts Unknown that included her, until further notice.” One of the episodes removed was from Season 8 called ‘Rome’, the other was ‘Southern Italy’ from Season 10, and the third one from Season 11 known as ‘Hong Kong’/ Argento had starred in the first two above mentioned episodes and directed the third one.


Somehow, the more people bring up their own personal experiences about being sexually harassed, talking about cases dealing with sexual harassment,making the #MeToo movement highly popular, attempting to eliminate them, the more we realize how deep-rooted it is inside the societies and minds of people. The #MeToo movement is surely exposing some extremely disgusting and unpleasant secrets and about people who were not expected to act this way. It seems like the only punishment we can give those accused is of publicly shaming them and having these networks cut ties with them.

Right Way to Carry Out Justice?

There is a problem with handing out justice like this. First of all, these cases should be settled in court immediately and not be handled by the public which can never seem to agree on anything. Justice isn’t something the average man can willingly give out. If it were that simple, we’d be living in a much happier society. So, everyone should stop giving out their opinions on the matter as if they are the jury and let an actual jury decide what’s what. The reason to do this is because then these people who have wronged someone else will be punished properly. Asia Argento is one of the well known celebrities who have had successful careers and made quite a lot of money over the years, just preventing them from getting future work isn’t exactly enough. It’s not enough of an accountability measure.


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  1. Dave says

    I agree that courts and juries should decide the fate of people accused of sexually harassing others. But why are you promoting this as the solution now for Asia Argento? Shouldn’t the same right have been given to males of #metoo allegations? If a 37yo male actor had broken California law and had sex with a 17yo minor who was groomed since working together @ 8yo? How do you think that man would have been treated by the judicial system and in the media (believe all woman). He would probably be in jail and at least beat up or stabbed. Maybe even killed. But for Asia? No such punishment. Why is this standard not applied to woman who are caught? Asia walks free. What message does that send to men?

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