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Machine Gun Kelly Releases Diss Track In Response to Eminem’s Kamikaze

Why it all Started

2 1,921

The rappers of the music industry have suddenly been highlighted by Eminem’s album Kamikaze which primarily disses the most influential rappers of the industry. One of whom is Machine Gun Kelly, who decided that he couldn’t just take it anymore and decided to respond.

In his words;

How it All Started

For those wondering how this entire feud started in the first place, you have to go to take a trip down memory lane. In 2012, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted something about Hailey, Eminem’s daughter.

How it all started

Now, Machine Gun Kelly was just trying to be honest in his tweet, all the while trying to be respectful of Eminem. The words “Em is king” pretty much conveys that. Although, he could have changed the words “hot as fuck” to something a bit more nice, he didn’t really mean any harm by the words. Plus, he was 21 and Hailey, at the time, was just 19.

But Eminem didn’t take this comment nicely. He didn’t make a diss track against Machine Gun Kelly then but he did something else that affected the young rapper’s career.

Eminem had his music radio station Shade 45 to remove Machine Gun Kelly’s music. the lyrics talk about this:

“Let’s talk about the fact you actually blacked balled a rapper that’s twice as young as you (Let’s talk about it)
Let’s call Sway, ask why I can’t go on Shade 45 because of you (Brr)”

Both of the rappers worked for the same record label Interscope. Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg tried to get Machine Gun Kelly out of Interscope, as told by the lyrics of Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track:

“Let’s ask Interscope how you had Paul Rosenberg trying to shelf me”

All these years, Eminem was holding back the clear resentment he felt for a rapper he once liked and even helped out at the start. It doesn’t make sense that it all happened just because of that tweet that seemed inappropriate but that does seem to be the case.

Machine Gun Kelly Personal Diss On Eminem’s Career

Machine Gun Kelly referred to Eminem as his idol when uttered the words, “When your idols become your rivals” in his new song. That shows that despite everything the young rapper still thinks that Eminem was one of the most accomplished rappers of his time. His lyrics state that: “Yeah I’ll acknowledge you’re the GOAT”. He even inspired him to start rapping.

But the fact was that Eminem’s last few albums weren’t doing well is something even the legendary rapper acknowledges himself in his own album. It’s something everyone is aware of. But Machine Gun Kelly takes it one step apart and says that it means that it’s time for Eminem to stop trying because he’s pushing 50. He seems to imply that the Rap God has lost the spark and brilliance that he once had.

“You’re not getting better with time
It’s fine Eminem, put down the pen”

He goes so far to even compare himself to Eminem but that he’s a better version of him,

“He like “Damn, he a younger me
Except he dresses better and I’m ugly
Always making fun of me”

Machine Gun Kelly goes on to say that he respects all the OG’s that came before him but that Eminem wasn’t acting in the most maturest of ways. Perhaps, he is right. Eminem did bring up something buried in the past when he specifically made sure that Machine Gun Kelly’s career would be harmed, even though the young rapper meant Eminem no harm.

There’s also this fact that we can’t ignore, in the early years, Eminem was supported by Dr. Dre. His influence and support helped kickstart Eminem’s career while Machine Gun Kelly had no such support but still managed to become really popular.

A Chance to Make Up?

Machine Gun Kelly does mention some lyrics in his song that may indicate that he might just the whole feud go and resolve it. He alludes to the fact that they’re both single father trying to raise their daughters.

“Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it”.

But the very next line seems almost like a death threat,

“Or we could get gully I’ll size up your body and put some white chalk around it”

So, it seems like Machine Gun Kelly may try to resolve the issue if Eminem decides to do it as well, but if Eminem stays on the offense that the young protege rapper will not stop dissing back. Machine Gun Kelly calls himself the Rap Devil, as a comparison to Eminem’s album “Rap God”. This shows that MGK believes that he is almost on the same level as Eminem. And that he isn’t afraid of the rapper who is known for his heavy diss tracks.

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  1. Jason Pettit says

    Please say it ain’t so, the BIG BAD BULLY OF THE RAP GAME CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING JOKE!!!! Kinda says it all don’t it!

    1. Dank Writers says

      It does!

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