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The Depth Of Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer”

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Childish Gambino has done something he does best once again. He has dropped another music video “Feels Like Summer” which is already trending on YouTube. And also, Childish Gambino has directed his super-sly criticism on other popular celebrities from the music world. The latest music video from Childish Gambino is no different from the rest of his collection. It seems like the musician is great at poking fun at other celebrities and the drama in the industry.

Childish Gambino is reaching heights with his new music video. In fact, it has already bagged the top spot on YouTube’s trending list with almost more than 4 million views. Undoubtedly, Gambino has done a remarkable effort with Feels Like Summer.

What Makes ‘Feels Like Summer’ So Prominent?

In the new music video Feel Like Summer, an animated Childish Gambino can be seen moving around a neighborhood packed with prominent musicians. Including Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj. Apparently, Nicki Minaj builds a a house using blocks. But Travis Scott quickly brings it down by pulling one of the key blocks out. This appeared to be as an attempt by Childish Gambino to hint towards the recent feud between Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj. The Queen singer was disappointed at losing the first place to Scott’s new Astroworld album. And blamed his girlfriend Kylie Jenner‘s popularity as the reason that Astroworld was ranking number 1. Apart from these, the rap group Migos, Dr. Dre, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, JAY-Z and Gucci Mane also can be seen. The music video also features cameos from Drake and Beyonce.

To make Feels Like Summer more interesting, Childish Gambino then moves towards an animated Kanye West wearing a Make America Great Again hat. And the rapper with his obvious support from President Donald Trump suddenly bursts into tears. To embrace the weeping Kanye West, former first lady Michelle Obama appears. People are already making speculations especially about the Kanye West bit. Twitter was taken over as more and more people tried to figure out what Childish Gambino really wanted to send out. Is it that West is disappointed in his Trump choice? Or is it because he always felt that he was not accepted by President Obama? Seems like nobody will ever know!

Deep Message of Feels Like Summer

Not only is it an interesting reflection onto everything that happened in the industry for a while now. But it conveys a much deeper message. It’s subtle yet the title of the music video quite literally hints at it. It’s about global warming and the fact that it gets hotter every day. The global climate is getting worse and eventually there will be a major water crisis that many third world countries are facing already. He even mentions bees that we are killing in the very air we breathe in. It’s implying that humanity as a whole has affected the global climate drastically. Even though we depend on these very resources, we’re quite ignorant about it still.

Childish Gambino also talks about the world being controlled by man made machines that are pushing the world to run faster. So much so that parents are compelled to tell their children to slow down. This may hint at children slipping away from their parents in this disconnected world of today and the new generation having no other choice but to make their careers a priority and neglect important things.

The music video shows Childish Gambino mindlessly walking on the street thinking about these issues with a apathetic yet gloomy face. The lyrics that say,

“Oh, I know you know that pain
I’m hopin’ that this world will change
But it just seems the same”

The musicians and celebrities around the music video shows that the music industry and Hollywood continues to keep being busy in its work and going about their business. Perhaps, he’s trying to show this is why the world just seems the same. Despite major problems we are still in the same loop we were. The  hopelessness Childish Gambino’s defeated face

Gambino Wishes To Change The World With Music Videos

Childish Gambino has done a thorough job with almost all his music videos. That’s mainly because of the way he stands out from other musicians and rappers in the industry. His uniqueness and versatility stems from his sharp commentary on realities of society. His quest for adding a deeper and nuanced meaning to his music albums is quite apparent. Childish Gambino believes that his music should serve more than just the entertainment purpose. As enjoyable as it is, he still adds a deeper meaning and a whole new perspective to his albums.

That’s exactly what Donald Glover did with his popular music video for This Is America. The 4-minute visual was packed with numerous meanings and layers of hidden implications. The though-provoking music video highlighted the divisions in American society. Apart from symbolism and cultural allusions, it directly talked about mass shooting and the gun control issue. It seems like Childish Gambino is himself aware of the issues surrounding America. But he is utilizing his music to make sure everybody understands them. Just so that people can stop being ignorant of the mess that is created everywhere.

Childish Gambino is surely talented when it comes to produce music enriched with political substance. But he does know how to balance it out without making it sound preachy or giving it the shape of a propaganda. Donald Glover has correctly been reiterating the elements of injustice in our society that need due attention.

With his soulful and deep music, looks like Gambino know what he’s doing with his music!

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