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Charli D’Amelio accepts Noah Schnapp’s perfect moves challenge

and she just hit 45 million subscribers

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Charli D’Amelio might have been recovering from a messy breakup. However, she is thriving and enjoying her quarantine time with her family. She is not someone to back down. Since Chase Hudson never confirmed their relationship “officially”, we hope Charli enjoys her life just like this. She just crossed the 45 million subscribers count and it definitely calls for celebrations. What better way to celebrate than to make multiple TikToks back to back. And with one of them copying Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp.

Charli D’Amelio + Noah Schnapp

Just a few days ago, Noah Schnapp and Charli D’Amelio released their collaboration videos on YouTube. In these videos, Charli is teaching Noah some dance moves and how to TikTok. The videos came out when almost everyone is in quarantine. That’s why both clarified that these videos were shot weeks back.

The videos are so cute. And the teaching did not go just one-way. Noah Schnapp also taught her how to act.


I don’t know about others but I’m really shipping them together. Seeing them TikTok together just gave me an idea for the next part of the Step Up series (if there’s ever going to be one). Picking the best dancers from the TikTok and making a movie on them. As long as it stars Charli D’Amelio and Noah Schnapp.

Noah is really bringing out the moves like jagger. You can see how he has started challenging people on TikTok with his new moves.

@noahschnappHAH i made a dance go do it♬ original sound – elijah_loves_tayler

And Charli D’Amelio was quick to accept the challenge.

@charlidamelio@noahschnapp♬ original sound – elijah_loves_tayler

Charli D’Amelio is on her way to reach the 46 million subscribers mark soon as she’s already hit 45.6 million. Moreover, with more people joining TikTok from their quarantine shell, we can safely assume she’ll be at 50 million count by next week.

Meanwhile, Noah Scnapp is letting the world know he is not just that WILL from Stranger Things. He can dance and he can challenge others as well as accept others’ challenges when it comes to TikTok moves.

Addison Rae also accepted Noah Schnapp’s challenge.

@addisonredc @noahschnapp♬ original sound – elijah_loves_tayler

Who did it better? Addison or Charli? Let us know in the comments below.

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