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Jeffree Star Is Going To Be Your Next Favourite TikTok Star

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 As we all know Jeffree Star is a famous YouTube make-up artist. He is also running a makeup brand by the name of “Jeffree Star Cosmetics”.

Jeffree was seen receiving a lot of backlash from the fans for changing the description of one of his YouTube videos. But he cleared all the misconceptions in his latest video.

Jeffree Star Is Going To Be The Next TikTok Sensation

After Jeffree Star cleared up all the drama, he had some great news for the fans. Yes lovelies, the wait is finally over. Jeffree Star just announced on social media that he is finally going to make a TikTok account.

I guess I won’t we able to get any sleep tonight. Jeffree babe just work your magic a little faster and start posting the videos already.

“But today I am going to sit down and film a video because this may sound as the biggest cr**k of sh*t.

Yaaaayyyy! Who else is excited about the new video?

A message for Jeffree Star family:

“I have never actually been on TikTok. Yeah, I know, let that sink in.

I have a lot of fake accounts over there. I have never physically been on there myself.”

“I have made TikTok with a few friends. But I have never been on there. I do not want to create one. I do not want to create TikTok”.

Seems like fans are making Jeffree a little crazy so he has to make a decision whether he wants to make a TikTok account or not.


“There are millions of Jeffree Star tags. I think it’s time that we hop in there and film a video. And see what the f**k is going on”.

I guess he is talking about the TikTok challenges. They are doing a number on everyone these days.

“So I do have a few videos coming. Hopefully, the TikTok video will be up tomorrow. You all I am gonna fast track, come on weekend.”

We are waiting anxiously!

He further mentioned in the video to pray for him as he was about to log in to TikTok for the very first time.

According to Jeffree:

“There are over five hundred and fifty million tags and I am like what the f**k. So we are gonna click the top ones and see what happens.”

Jeffree Star Also Dropped The Hint For His Upcoming Video On YouTube

Jeffree just dropped a huge hint of what his next video is going to be about. We all know that he has been helping people who are dealing with the financial crisis. And I guess he will continue helping as many people as he can.

Jeffree Star, you are a true gem. There are a lot of people out there who have the money but not a huge heart.

“I have another bigger video that I have been working on where I give back in a really big way to people out in the public”.

Jeffree Is Getting A New Pup

Yes guys, Jeffree also announced on his social media that he will be getting a new  Pomeranian puppy on 11th April.

Jeffree new pup

Stay tuned for more updates on Jeffree’s new addition in the Star mansion and TikTok.

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