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Kristen Bell Supporting her Husband’s Sobriety in the Best Way

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Kristen Bell just posted an Instagram tribute to her husband Dax Shepard for his 14th sobriety birthday. Undoubtedly, it has earned respect and appreciation from almost every social media user. In her Instagram post, she gave the message that she supported her husband through everything.

Kristen Bell’s Instagram Tribute

In her Instagram tribute, Kristen Bell added pictures from her wedding day. And also, pictures pf her husband playing gold or hiking with their children. She captioned the post recalling some of their beautiful memories together and saying that their time together was very meaningful.

Kristen Bell wrote that it was for the man who mocked her on her wedding because she cried too many tears of joy. And also, to the man who showed their daughters how to be as adventurous as possible. While referring to his addiction, Kristen Bell claimed that she knew how much he loved using it. And that she has seen how hard Shepard tried to live without it. While referring to his sobriety for the past many years, Kristen said that she would always remain in awe of his dedication and fierce moral inventory.

Kristen Bell also added how he was always available for everyone with tough love and open ears. She added that Dax Shepard never failed to say sorry or make amends. And that he was always encouraging everyone to grow more. Kristen Bell said that she proud that her husband was never ashamed to tell her story. But instead, he always shared it wisely inspiring other people to become better. She concluded her tribute saying that she loved him more than she could have thought. And that he was an excellent example of being human. Kristen Bell also wished him his 14th sobriety birthday.

Kristen Bell’s Gift To Her Husband For His Sobriety Birthday

Apart from the Instagram tribute, Kristen Bell offered her husband something more on his sobriety birthday. She took him for a tour of the King’s Hawaiian factory. Dax Shepard made an Instagram post revealing his excitement and happiness at the gift. He claimed that he ate bread right out of the oven. And even took some of it home. He also added that the fact his wife looked like an actual scientist on the tour made his heart swell to dangerous levels.

Dax Shepard’s Struggles With Addiction

Kristen Bell’s husband Dax Shepard has been pretty open about his struggles with abuse and addiction. In the past, he opened up about his alcohol and drug addictions himself. He not just talked about his younger years. But also said that he was able to move on with his life only after joining the road to sobriety in 2004. Dax Shepard has also encouraged other people suffering from substance abuse to seek the right help.

After actor Cory Monteith died of an overdose in 2013, Dax Shepard became even more vocal on Twitter to inspire people to seek help. He even championed the benefits on a sober life.

Kristen Bell has always been supportive of her husband’s struggle. Not only does she shower him with affection and appreciation everywhere, but she takes pride when Dax inspires other being to work towards betterment.

Is Kristen Bell Doing The Right Thing?

Kristen Bell has stood strong with her husband through the 14 years of his sobriety. And while she supported him through everything, she has seen a lot. But even then, the actress gives her husband all the love and strength one could ask out of a wife.

With her Instagram tribute on his sobriety birthday, Kristen Bell has won over many hearts. People believe that the actress with her strength and efforts is worth applauding. What Kristen Bell is doing for Dax Shepard is probably what helped him survive through all these years without relapsing. It is extremely important for every person to stand up with their loved ones in times of need and support. No matter what it is that a partner or friend is going through, giving up on them might never be the right choice. When recovering from abuse and addiction, a person is already low on self-esteem. Abandoning your friends or partners during the time when they need you the most is the worst anybody could do.

Becoming sober and fighting your addiction might sound easy. But it’s the toughest journey one could embark upon. And losing so many celebrities to reported drug overdoses is just a lesson that we should never give up on our close ones. Instead, we should believe in them knowing that one day they will clean up and become so much better than this.

Kristen Bell has surely proved herself to be not just an exemplary wife, but a great human being.

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