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Gregory Onision OnlyFans Account Has Underage Viewers

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Stranger things have happened. Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has coronavirus, and Gregory ‘Onision’ Jackson has an OnlyFans account. Let me rephrase that. Someone who is investigated for being a “child predator”, has an OnlyFans account that posts explicit nude content of him. And his audience is mainly comprising of underage viewers.

Let’s delve deeper into Onision’s OnlyFans account

Onision OnlyFans

I’ve never been onto Onisions’s OnlyFans account, let alone any account. Though, the interesting thing is that he has transformed his YouTube and social media accounts. Now, we see Gregory Onision Jackson as an animated figure like this:

But someone subscribed to his OnlyFans. And that’s not all. They have posted what they saw on Reddit, titled as ‘Concerning Gregory’s OnlyFans‘. Here is what he said. The user starts off by sharing that OnlyFans is a place on the internet where people post their sexual content online. The user further goes on to explain something shocking:

What I’m concerned about is that, after personally looking through the active users that interact with his recent posts. I’ve noticed that the majority of those people are under 18. most were in fact 16, 15 and 14. so it is not far fetched to assume that these children are the ones subscribing to his OnlyFans.

The user then shares that Gregory Onision would probably be aware that most of his audience is underage. But he’s not doing anything to change it or prevent it from happening.

The underage audience is problematic because of Onision’s child grooming accusations

If, in fact, most of Onision’s subscribers on OnlyFans are of underage, this is highly problematic. The main reason is that Gregory Jackson is currently being investigated by the FBI and Chris Hansen for being a child predator. The main allegations against him comprise of him committing child grooming.

Child grooming is when you befriend an underage person and when they turn of legal age, you have sexual relations with them. This is something Onision is the most famous for. YouTubers such as Repzion, Blaire White and Jaclyn Glenn have openly spoken out against Onision on many occasions. Repzion even dedicated a whole video to Onision’s very weird OnlyFans account.

Why is OnlyFans allowing underage subscribers?

In the official OnlyFans terms and conditions page, it clearly states that underage people are not allowed to be in the content:

10.4 We do not allow images of unaccompanied minors, as you must be over the age of 18 to use OnlyFans. If you want to post photos of your children, please make sure that you are in the photo as well. If you see a profile that includes an unaccompanied minor, please report it immediately.

Not only that, but underage viewers are not allowed as well:

10.5 By registering an account with OnlyFans, you represent and warrant that
you are at least 18 years of age.
Well, the underage viewers are not allowed but there are many people online that have come up with illegal ways of accessing OnlyFans even if you are not 18. This is something that needs to be regulated more strictly.

Onision can interact with his fans on Only Fans

It is common knowledge that Gregory Onision likes to interact with his followers and fans with different social media profiles. That is how he actually met his current partner Kai and many of his alleged victims too such as Billie.

Now, OnlyFans has allowed its content creators to interact with their fans. In fact, many blogs even encourage it. Imagine if underage viewers are viewing Onision’s sexual content and interacting with him? What if he interacts back?

That is something that will lead to the exploitation of underage fans of Onision. This is something that the FBI and Chris Hansen definitely should look into.

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