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Vanessa Marquez ER Actor Shot To Death By Police Officer

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Popular ER actress Vanessa Marquez was shot dead by South Pasadena police on Thursday. Apparently, Vanessa pointed a replica handgun at the authorities. And the police officers responded by firing at her. Even though Vanessa Marquez was taken to the hospital immediately, the nurse from ER was unable to survive.

What Happened With Vanessa Marquez?

Police officers visited Vanessa Marquez in her house after being called by her landlord to check up on her welfare. Apparently, the actress was suffering from seizures and was completely unable to take care of herself. As the officers attempted to talk to her, paramedics and mental health clinician were called. After almost one and a half hour, Vanessa Marquez armed herself with a BB gun. As she pointed it towards the officers, the police opened fire on her.

According to reports, Vanessa Marquez was gravely disabled. She got thoroughly uncooperative with the police authorities after some time. This was certainly not the first time that the police visited her apartment 1100 block of Fremont Avenue.

Lieutenant Joe Mendoza who was present with Vanessa Marquez at that time claimed that the BB gun looked real at that moment. However, he added that it was unclear where the gun previously was during the 90 minutes of interaction between the actress and the police. Even though the officers were wearing body camera, the footage will not be release until the next six months. And therefore, the case will remain under investigation.

What Was Vanessa Marquez Going Through?

It seems like Vanessa Marquez was suffering through a lot before she was shot dead on Thursday. Although, the actress has had a strong career over the past years, it seems like things were definitely going down.

Previously, Vanessa Marquez played the Ana Delgado on Edward James Olmos-starring film Stand and Deliver from 1998. She also played the popular nurse on American television show ER for 27 episodes. Other works of the late actress would include Wiseguy and Malcom & Eddie. Vanessa was known to be high-spirited. And her close friends share how she would always dream about winning an Oscar one day.

However, Marquez felt that her career was over at the age of only 26 years. Back in last year, the actress claimed that she was blacklisted from ER by her co-star George Clooney. And it was because she spoke up about racial discrimination and sexual harassment on the sets of ER. But Clooney defended himself saying that he did not sabotage her career. In fact, he was just an actor who had no involvement in the casting decisions.

Vanessa Marquez herself shared numerous times that she was suffering from immune disorders. Including celiac disease. Not just that, but she said she was diagnosed as terminal and had chronic pain. The actress was always open about her struggles with health problems. She even admitted that she had used all her strength. And she wondered why couldn’t her dream of becoming an actress continue for more than just a few years.

RIP Vanessa Marquez.

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