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Adam Sandler Debuts His Quarantine Song

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Jimmy Fallon is unstoppable with his episodes coming in strong every week. He has joined the work-from-home gang and continues to create content for his followers. We are glad for all the work he is putting in otherwise we would have been dead with boredom.

Adam Sandler joins Jimmy Fallon

On April 2, 2020, Jimmy Fallon invited the ‘Uncut Gems’ star on the episode. We love to see this funny guy, be it movies, shows or anything else. The two guys go way back. They have been together doing stand up comedy on Saturday Night Live. So, the exchange between them shows how frank they are with each other. They also talked about the late comedian Robin Williams. Adam Sandler ended the call with love yous and will see you soon. Yeah, that’s how every call ends these days.

The lyrics of the song are obviously hilarious given that they have been written and sung by Adam Sandler, duh. The majority of the song was about how the medical people have helped us normal people throughout our lives. From bringing us into this world to getting us out of gym class. So, as you can see that this was a well-deserved song for all the folks out there. He thanked the doctors and nurses all over the world for all they are doing and asked the government to replenish medical equipment and masks etc. Just like us, he is sick of his family as well and wants to go out so bad (kidding). Also, he is teaching maths to his kid, which in Adam Sandler’s own words is not good for the country. Ending the note, he says he is missing his mailman, what’s that about Adam.

Listen to the cute song Adam Sandler sung for Fallon Tonight.
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