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Jessica Alba shares story time with daughters

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This pandemic has us doing stuff that we didn’t imagine we would ever be doing. Some people are in the kitchen trying out their luck in the world of cooking. And others are learning the things that they had on their bucket list since forever. Well, obviously with so much free time at hand your brain can’t stay still. You have to give it a feel that it is doing something and is being put to use. What’s more, is that celebrities are also going through the same thing. As the virus has affected their schedules as well. The pandemic has also given some free time to celebrities to enjoy their life with their families. Here’s what Jessica Alba shared with her family.

Jessica Alba is learning new stuff

We all love her for her style, confidence, and her oh so sweet vibe. Just like us normal folks out there who are trying out new things, Jessica Alba is doing the same.

Yes, she joined YouTube and will be sharing her life with us in a very honest way. With her two young girls, she decided to conquer the world of YouTube. To her surprise, her daughters turned out to be quite the proficient beings of the app. Not only did they help her make a Story Time video, but they also helped her pick the story as well. It was nice to see such a famous celebrity being a cool mom. Her kids have an easy-going relation with her. Honor, 11 and Haven, 8 kept calling her lame and cringey, but laughed at their mom’s craziness as well.

Jessica Alba and her daughters shared the story of “Marina, the mermaid”. The cool mom, who could actually pass for Honor and Haven’s older sister, sewed Honor a doll when she was younger. Honor loved it and kept it as a talisman. She even wrote a memoir on it and read it out loud in the video.

Watch the cute video of Jessica Alba and her daughters below:

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