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Josh Peck and Drake Bell’s Friendship Ups and Downs

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It’s probably unfair to say that the iconic sitcom Drake & Josh was not a central part of the childhood of many. Starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck, the show was an absolute hit. With all the bromance and real-life friendship between the two, nobody would have imagined it was all short-lived. But it seems like Drake Bell and Josh Peck have seen their due share of misunderstandings and fights. In fact, their friendship history has many ups and downs. And they could easily match the complications present in the love life of any of the Kardashian sisters.

How It All Started…

Apparently, the bond between Drake Bell and Josh Peck goes back a very long way. Drake Bell himself shared that their connection is too deep. Josh and Drake have been friends since they were only 12 years old. They started off together when they were on The Amanda Show. Drake Bell would even spend entire nights at his friend’s house. The two would fantasize about their own future television show not even imagining that it would one day become a reality. And this was years before Drake & Josh came into existence.

Working on the set, Drake Bell and Josh Peck connected so well that even their nonverbal communications could be felt. After years of brotherhood on their own personal TV show, the two reunited on the short-lived FOX sitcom Grandfathered.

According to Drake, their friendship could be compared to that of Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, and Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. He also acknowledged that he would never in his life find another Josh.

The Rough Patch Between Drake Bell & Josh Peck

It seemed like the friendship between Drake Bell and Josh Peck was actually not forever. Last year was not very good for the two. And in fact, they had kind of a rough patch after Drake was not invited to Peck’s wedding. He was obviously upset at not receiving an invite. And a Twitter tirade stirred to keep fans hooked.

Drake Bell threw some major shade at Josh Peck after getting to know about the engagement. In a now-deleted comment, the star wrote that loyalty was the key. And that one should always remember where they come from. On Twitter, Drake made a post announcing that their ties were officially cut now. The true colors were out now. He said that he would miss his brother. For a while back then, fans were forced to believe that the dramatic tweeting actually signified that the two were no longer friends.

Are Things Fixed?

A lot many assumed that the Drake & Josh duo might never return. But to much relief, the two stars bumped into each other at the VMAs this year. And that’s where they shared their union with the world.

While talking to US Weekly back in last year, Drake Bell shared how the two will always stay close despite their ups and downs. And there’s nothing that the two can’t fix. He claimed that,

We’re brothers, man. We’ve been working together for 18 years, maybe even longer now. So we’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, it’s like we’re real brothers. It’s kind of that sibling rivalry and sibling love and it’s the whole thing.

Recently, Drake Bell congratulated his friend Josh Peck after hearing that he was expecting his first child. Drake shared their reunion’s video on Instagram and captioned it with a baby emoji. In the video, Drake is seen asking Josh if the baby would be named Drake if it’s a boy. And Peck responded saying obviously.

Josh Peck also shared a video on YouTube in which he told Drake Bell and other friends the pregnancy news. Bell responded with excitement saying this was wild and crazy. And that he was very happy for his friend.

By the looks of it, it seems that the Drake Bell and Josh Peck duo is very hard to break. And with all that they have seen together, it’s difficult to believe that something can actually tear them apart. Maybe, a few hard times is everything needed to make a friendship even stronger.

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