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How Can Celebrities Help During Coronavirus?

And they can do a lot!

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Celebrities have a way of staying in the news all the time. After all, that’s how they earn their living. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced them to live in Quarantine. But, that hasn’t stopped them from getting attention, which gives them their livelihood. They’ve resorted to social media and spreading positive messages. But is that enough? Is that all they can do to help the people? What should celebrities do to help during coronavirus? And do the people put them on a pedestal as they used to? Let’s take a look.

What have celebrities been doing?

Well, there are a variety of things that celebrities are doing to help during the Coronavirus. Some have received praise for it, while others a lot of criticism.

For instance, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were appreciated for their donations to food banks. And similarly, Kylie Jenner was appreciated for her $1 million donations to charity. However, some people decide to be more creative.

The celebrity that got the most stick for her contribution to help Coronavirus patients was Gal Gadot. The actress recently uploaded a cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, which also included many of her co-stars. However, she got a lot of backlash for that. This was because the people were criticizing her and the other celebrities for singing fancy songs in the comfort of their homes. It got so bad, that even Piers Morgan joined the bandwagon.

But, some celebrities have been creative too! They used their talents to gather donations for Coronavirus. And moreover, some donated to charity to help Coronavirus patients too. The most prominent one to do so was Elton John, with his Living Room Concert.

What should celebrities do?

Seeing this got us thinking, what can celebrities do to help during the coronavirus pandemic?

The first and most important thing that celebrities should do is DONATE. Donations are the best way that celebrities can help during Coronavirus. Because their millions of fans, who are not as rich need their help the most right now.

Secondly, they should raise as much awareness about Coronavirus as they can. Many millions around the world follow their favorite stars more instead of the news. If they could use their platforms to raise awareness about COVID-19, that’ll be perfect! And not just that, they can share details of charities too. This small act can make a huge difference.

And lastly, once they’re done with donating and raising awareness, they should entertain their fans! It’s not easy to live life in quarantine and away from your loved ones. Therefore, celebrities must do their best to keep the people entertained. With all kinds of news around them that can depress them, it’s better to share a smile instead. A smile shared with your favorite celebrity can be a huge help for the fan during this Coronavirus.

Celebrities are no longer worshipped

Usually, celebrities were always idolized and worshipped. Had Gal Gadot shared that cover anytime other than in the middle of a pandemic, the reaction she got would have been different. But, times are changing. And people are no longer keeping celebrities on a pedestal. So much so that #Guillotine2020 started to trend on Twitter!

People have started to question their lavish lifestyles. Other than that, they’re beginning to see how singing a concert, or a cover is meaningless in front of death. Millions across the world can die because of Coronavirus, and a cover of Imagine cannot do much to help them. However, a donation can go a long way in saving their lives. Therefore, in short, celebrities must donate, as it’ll help people the most during Coronavirus!

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