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Christina Aguilera Was Hurt When Pitted Against Britney Spears Years Ago

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Christina Aguilera is finally opening up regarding the backlash she received 16 years before for her Stripped album. Apparently, she was pitted against Britney Spears back at that time. And that definitely left some lasting impacts on the singer.

Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears

In an interview with Cosmopolitan for it’s October issue, Christina Aguilera shared how hurt she felt when the media continually pitted her against Britney Spears at every possible opportunity. She said that it’s hard to hear when people keep calling you names. The Grammy award winning singer recalled the times when commercials on MTV would call Britney Spears the good girl. And would refer to her as the bad one.

In fact, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were pitted against one another time to time for no real reasons. It would either be the competition on their album sales, or their appearances. Sometimes, it would also be the love triangle between them and Justin Timberlake. Or other times, their role model statuses would be compared. Christina Aguilera often felt hurt a lot many times.

The Trouble For Christina Aguilera

What stirred more trouble for Christina Aguilera was her 2002′ single album Dirrty. It quickly got to the center of a controversy because of its music video featuring the singer herself in risque outfits. While the music videos for her album would display the singer strip down to leather chaps. And also, show off her facial piercing, it was difficult to avoid criticism back then. However, Christina Aguilera does not regret taking the artistic decisions that triggered the backlash. She shared that when she would be innocent, that’s considered fine. But if she tries to be herself, then there’s trouble.

Christina Aguilera added that Dirrty was very controversial back then. But it probably is not much deal now. The singer hoped that she helped in laying down the grounds for women empowerment in one or the other way. And that she helped give the message that women can be any version of themselves they desire. And even then, they could feel proud of it. Christina Aguilera shared that she loved the female body and she did not agree with the idea that men should dictate ownership of it.

Should Women Be Pitted Against One Another?

By the looks of it, it seems that we have made it impossible for two talented women to survive in one industry. We’ve become habitual of placing our top singers against one another or in petty feuds just for the sake of it. Undoubtedly,Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears experienced the exact same thing when they were pitted against one another. And to the extent, that the majority was always divided between the two music icons and Team Xtina or Team Britney.

But is this even ethical to do so? Not only does it hurt the sentiments of the concerned celebrities or in fact individuals, but also harms womankind as a whole. Women being pitted against other women is just pathetic. And an attempt to bring them all down collectively. Competition is natural in popular industries. However, manipulating album sales just to cause a divide between the two singers for public attention does not justify itself in any situation. Rather than appreciating Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears for their different but equally remarkable efforts, we are involved in deciding which one should get the positive limelight.

Liking Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears better is definitely based on opinion and not facts. Therefore, the celebrities pitted against one another makes little sense. Instead of dragging them down, we need to create space and acceptance for multiple talents to thrive in the same world of music. It’s certainly time to make room for everyone.

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