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What’s Next for Shane Dawson?

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If you’re into Youtube, you would know that Shane Dawson’s channel has exponentially grown and evolved. His new series are creatively thought out and executed well. The audience definitely respects that as his viewership numbers have increased. Whether it be finding out the real reason behind Tanacon or finding out the truth about Jeffree Star, or creating his iconic conspiracy videos, Shane never shied away from it all.

But fans are now really curious to know what’s next. Shane Dawson recently tweeted out this:

This opens up so many possibilities to what the new series of Shane could be. He never fails to surprise us with truths about events and places. So, we’re sure that this is going to be something that has had a lot of controversies over. This is a big step-up from him just sitting in his room and discussing the theories in depth. Shane Dawson has certainly grew as a content creator.

Maybe it’s Jojo

Maybe It's Jojo
Source: Instagram

In a lot of his recent videos, Shane Dawson and his squad has mentioned how in awe they are of Jojo and her whole brand. And then this happened

Yes, we are shook as well. This might be a hint towards what the new series might be. Shane Dawson also tweeted out that he spent almost 3 hours with Jojo discussing how she manages her business and everything. Shane was in awe of her intelligence at such a young age in the tweet. So, it’s no doubt that Shane Dawson will delve deeper into her brand and find out the inside scoop for our pleasure.

Jojo Siva started out on Dance Moms where she starred alongside her mom. After gaining a reasonable amount of fame there, she went and became a Youtuber singer and gave out two singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store”. The songs were a hit and she has a strong fan following. She is known to utilize this fame and sell a lot of merchandise for her brand.

But the picture Shane Dawson used just doesn’t fit in with the whole Jojo vibe. Maybe, it’s not her he’s going to talk about in this coming series. Though, knowing Shane, it’s no doubt that one day or the other, we will be receiving some interesting videos based on Jojo’s life and business.

Many suspect that it could be someone else. Someone like the infamous Jake Paul.

Inside the Mind of Jake Paul?

Inside the mind of Jake Paul
Source: Instagram

We saw in a series of tweets that Shane and Jake both mutually have decided to collaborate on some video ideas together.

Shane posted this to show that he is genuinely interested in learning about Jake Paul’s life from the inside. Because like us all, Shane is also fascinated by the life of the very controversial Jake Paul. We’re all curious to see if it’s all for show or for real. If anyone can find out the real truth, it’s Shane Dawson.

Jake Paul responded to that saying, “Let’s do it!”. So, he is quite eager to do it as well. But why would he want to expose himself? Perhaps, whatever goes on in Jake Paul’s life is something he doesn’t fake out or do it just for the views. Maybe there’s more to him than meets the eye. Like we saw with the 5 part series of Jeffree Star.

But let’s be honest, Jeffree Star is an embodiment of grace and being queen of the Youtube world. Jake Paul is just not seen in that light.

So, no one knows what Shane Dawson will bring out next. Maybe, it’ll be a dark video focusing on the minds of criminals or people with mental health issues. All we can do is wait and see what’s in store. What do you think it might be?

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