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Baby Ariel & Jacob Sartorius Dating or Not?

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Baby Ariel (Ariel Rebecca Martin) and Jacob Sartorius are probably the most popular TikTok stars of the year. They have frequently collaborated together in different TikTok videos as well as their YouTube channels. Fans have speculated many times that they were together because of the content on their TikTok which involved them acting like a couple.

Now, Baby Ariel has come to set the record straight! In a new Q&A video, she responded to the rumors of her dating Jacob Sartorius.

Baby Ariel is here to end the hopes of Ariel and Jacob Shippers!

There was an interesting question added in the video:

“Last question: Are you and Jacob Sartorius dating?”

Baby Ariel responded with:

.“No! We’re just friends. We’re BFFs.”

My question here is, who friend-zoned who?

No one who acts like this is just a BFF:


But hey everyone has their own version of friendship. Who are we to judge, right?

Actually, there’s something interesting that happened that fans were quick to point out. Before this Jacob Sartorius dating question, there was a question asking Ariel about her crush. To this, she has no response and just looked directly at the camera before quickly moving onto the Jacob question.

Another fun fact that we should focus on is that Baby Ariel had disabled comments for that particular video. That says something for sure!

I don’t think it indicates that Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius are dating but fans are adamant in believing that they are.

Jacob Sartorius is single and ready to mingle

For those of you who don’t know, Jacob has dated Stranger Things’ star, Millie Bobby Brown. They have broken up since then and now the little man is ready to start dating again.

In a tweet, Jacob has expressed his dating preferences:

I want a beautiful girl who I’m obsessed with that I can trust and who loves me for me.
Hmm, that may possibly be Baby Ariel for him or it could not be. Let’s see what happens to the two TikTok stars.
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