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Copy Kendall Jenner Fashion Style While In Quarantine

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The 24-year-old supermodel, Kendall Jenner has proven her worth not only in the family but also in the fashion industry. She dresses up according to her mood and the current weather situation. She can rock any look but street-style looks the best on her. From sweatpants&sweatshirts to tiny little black dresses, Kendall can totally rock any look.

As we all are super bored these days, we can try dressing up ourselves like Kendall Jenner. Let’s see what Kendall Jenner’s fashion style looks like. And maybe we can make a do with our old outfits and revamp them. Because girls, it’s now or never.

Kendall Jenner Can Totally Rock Denim

I don’t know about you guys, but I love love love Denim. If you want to go from super casual to absolute chick in 10 seconds, just wear Denim.


Kendall is looking uber chic in this tie&dye denim look for Liu Jo’s 25th-anniversary shoot. You can recreate this look with a denim jacket, shorts and a tie (if you don’t have a mid-thigh denim dress).

Kendall-The Yo Girl

If you want to look cool in your TikTok videos, you should try this look. Wear your denim jacket on a t-shirt or camisole.You can switch to shorts if you don’t feel like wearing jeans. Put a belt on and complete this look with some round hoops and hat.

Oh My Damn

If you wanna go sit by the pool to get some fresh air (in style), then try this look. All you need is a camisole/t-shirt, denim jacket and shorts to copy Kendall Jenner’s fashion style.


If you are in mood of getting a little naughty with your partner you should totally go for this look .There is nothing wrong with being a tease sometimes. *wink wink*

Kendall Jenner’ Casual Attire

You don’t really have to dress up fancy all the time. So what to do when you’re in a lazy mood but still want to look a little presentable? Try these super casual looks like Kendall.

Graphic tees are your everyday savior. Pair them up with jeans, trousers or shorts. And you’re good to go from your bedroom to the kitchen or T.V. lounge.

Graphic T

These Adidas trousers are to die for. They look casual but super classic. And if you don’t have a pair like this, you don’t really have to feel sad. You can just wear your regular PJs/sweatpants with a full sleeve crop top and pair them up with your favorite sneakers.

Long bottoms

The weather is acting super crazy these days. Sometimes it’s hot as a preheated oven and sometimes it’s chilly as hell. So what you can do is copy Kendall Jenner’s casual fashion style here. You can wear your favorite sweatshirt with shorts. Complete the look with sneakers or running shoes. And if you want to look casual, wear flip flops.


Here is another look which is a little more sophisticated. You can pair the sweatshirt with loose jeans. And you are all set to go to the kitchen and cook or wash dishes. Or you can facetime a friend.

Sweatshirt & Jeans

Now this is some serious high street fashion style. Pair a graphic shirt with skin tights/jeans. And complete the look with an uber-chic bomber jacket and sneakers.


And here is another easy day-evening style which you can easily copy. All you need is a t-shirt, not so skinny jeans, a bomber or parachute jacket. And last but not the least , a pair of matching high heels.

Never Say No To Leather

Don’t you all think Kendall Jenner looks drop-dead gorgeous in leather? There are very few models who can totally rock this look and Kendall is one of them.

You can save this look for later when things will be back to normal. Now you can’t probably dress up like this at home. Or you can, if you are in mood of something naughty.

Them lips

This is one of my all-time favorites. And you can totally rock this look at home if you are living in chilly areas.

You can recreate this look with your favorite full sleeve crop top and high waist leather pants.

Rock on

This look is especially for a girls night out. A cropped camisole/wide neck slim top with fitted leather pants with mini heel leather boots is a must. And if it’s chilly outside, don’t forget to wear a super cool furry coat.

total chic

Let’s Get A Little Over Board

This sleeveless dress with a long slit is every girl’s dream outfit, right? Alright so what can we exactly do with a long dress like this, which has full sleeves and no slit. We are going to revamp it. Cut the sleeves very neatly and sew the edges nicely.

Then make a cut as long and wide as you want at the bottom (with the help of a scissor).You can complete this look with any belt of your choice and high strappy heels.

All the girls who are waiting to this quarantine thing to get over so that they can go out with their boyfriends on a dinner date can totally use these revamping outfit tricks.

Hot Red

This purple dress is looking ahh-mazing on Kendall, right? And this shade of purple is doing a number on me. It has such a pretty flair.

Sadly, we have to save this look for later. But you can create it from scratch if you have the supplies like a flairy cloth and sewing machine. Watch a few sewing lessons on YouTube and you are all set to make your own dream dress.

Hot Red

Kendall Jenner is setting some serious fashion style goals for all of us. Both the view and dress are breath taking. You can recreate this look with a super flairy skirt and mini blouse.

All black

We are done with the Kendall Jenner’s trendy and chic get-ups for now. I tried my best to focus on the looks which can be easily recreated with whatever you have in your closets. Or you can buy one or two things on your next shopping trip.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kendall Jenner’s fashion style.

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